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  • dashed

    Bit of a random one but I’m not a member of any climbing forums anymore and know there are a few climbers on here… Anyone able to confirm what the access is like at St Bees for dogs – I mean physically getting down rather than nesting restrictions (which have ended now). It’s years since I’ve been and recall a bit of an epic down the fishermans steps but can’t remember how bad the other access is?

    At in advance… 🙂

    Premier Icon ampthill

    This very hazy memories. But I think we just strolled down…..

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    which bit are you heading for and what kind of dog???
    The bit from the beach to the boulders would probably be OK, we got out scrambling staffie along there OK. In from the steps, can’t quite remember.


    If you drop down from the light house end it’s a pain! It’s really quite steep in sections with in-situ ropes though bolts to make things easier – if I took a dog that I’d be worried about it taking a tumble. Access from the other end will be easier but little longer.


    Ta! Remember the fishermans steps end a in situ chains etc – def not dog friendly… ’twas the other end I couldn’t remember…

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Safer not to. Very experienced mate of mine tripped on the way to climb there and fell the full height.
    He survived (they think) because he landed on his back and the rucsack cushioned the impact……

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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