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  • gears_suck

    Anyone been receiving emails from the organisers? I’m so disappointed this year. It looks as though the grass roots approach is finally over. They are charging spectators too. I don’t know how they plan on policing the whole course but I don’t intend to find out. I got fleeced pretty good in Ireland and it looks like the Italians are planning on creating a isolation zone where they’ll be able to milk us dry of all our hard earned euros.
    Yea, this is it for me I think. I know I just can’t afford it. Shame really but there you go.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    We aren’t going this year, but from attending a number of SSWCs / SSECs it all looks pretty standard to me. Simone has been doing singlespeed stuff for the last 10 years and I can’t imagine he is trying to do anything more than cover costs.

    As a spectator, your €50 is basically buying a wristband for 2 x meals, wine etc, a free glass and 5 drinks – which sounds reasonable. I’m sure if you just want to go and watch the race without food etc then it will be free. Use of the location (a mountain village in a protected area) certainly isn’t going to be free to the organiser.

    SSEC Belgium, SSEC Italy, SSEC UK, SSWC Aviemore etc etc were exactly the same (buy a wristband to get food, beer, glass if not racing).

    People expecting free camping also need to use their memory – it has never been a definite feature of SSWC – from the ones we attended:-

    SSUK 2001 – Sort your own accom. in Bristol, then 1 night camping in Afan.

    SSWC 2006 Stockholm – nothing at all – just gathering at a bar in town and ride-out to the course for the race itself. And Stockholm wasn’t exactly a cheap place to stay.

    SSWC2007 Aviemore – no accom, just guided rides and ride out to a great course. Fantastic bbq afterwards (that you paid for if not racing). Same setup but without the bbq for SSEC at the same venue.

    I think they used Aosta for the 2011 Italian singlespeeds – some pictures are at the link below. If you like the look, then go and pay what it costs them to run it there. If not, stay home 🙂



    I beleive I made it clear I was staying at home.

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