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  • ssc bottom brackets (warning: possible can o worms)
  • hopefully a quick question and not another ssc can o worms, but need a new bottombracket and ssc are cheaper by a good few quid than shimano.

    had a non too great experience with their brake pads (admittedly well sorted by them when i complained) but before spending thought i’d ask if anyone had any views esp compared to standard shimano which themselves ar’nt the best.

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    My SSC BB lasted one ride before going stiff and graunchy. It’s still going round, but I don’t give it long!

    Recent Shimano and Raceface BBs I’ve bought have both last longer for me than their earlier versions did – I suspect they’ve both upped their game a bit.


    Four or five muddy rides on mine and so far all is well.

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    I have never owned one, but am willing to have an opinion if this really kicks off. 😉

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    Love the brake pads but the bottom bracket I had lasted three rides before it seized.


    One of the mags reviewed one this month, they basically said it was shit as it only lasted one ride.


    I recommend one word – Hope


    Cant you just buy new bearings for your Shimano BB? Lots of threads on here about it about £7 for the bearings apparently.


    I stopped buying SSC pads after my third set fell apart, I did however chance getting a HT2 ceramic BB from them and so far it’s lasted well (around a year although inc. a winter). They may just have QC issues (plenty of people seem to have no trouble with their pads). Unless I win the lottery (and get a CK one) the next BB I buy will be from them.

    i dunno, 5 year gaurentee on CK ones? for £110 that makes them failry cheep (presuming a SSC oen lasts 1 year at most, costing £20)

    Mine has been spinning for a year, trouble free. Its getting a bit graunchy now, but I suspect that is more due to it being a ceramic BB on a bike that gets a fair bit of stick. I should replace with stainless really.


    My Shimano BB was rumbling and I assumed it was on its way out

    Being skint I decided to have a go at lubing it to see if that made any difference. Followed a link from here to a site with instructions how to do it. Took me a while to get the covers and seals off. When I got seals off there was hardly any grease in there. I washed bearings out with de-greaser and filled it up with good quality grease.

    What a difference it feels like a new BB now have done a bit of googling and it seems Shimano can be a bit stingy with the grease.


    What type?
    I’ve had an ISIS IRB thats lasted thousands of miles but the SSC HT2 has developed a fair amount of play in just a few hundred miles.

    Opened up my SSC BB last night and it was full of grit. Flushed them out and repacked with grease. Back running like new.

    Whats the problem? Enduro, Shimano, Betd etc. They all fill up with grit and eventually die. Learn to pull them apart and repack with grease and you triple their life pan. It doesnt take long.

    Tempted by the chris king as it seems to make financial sense.


    6 months and it needs replacing
    no problems here

    but have just noticed that sram are now cheaper than ssc

    but have just noticed that sram are now cheaper than ssc



    Not that impressed with mine.
    Put more grease in there before i even used it.
    Less than 6 months old and perhaps 10 rides max and the bearings have noticeable play and are pretty rough.
    doubt i’ll get another one, might try and get some more bearings for it and se then.
    Got a 2nd hand XT as a back up, so will see how that fares…..


    mine seized in circa 5 months. I’ve been recomended to open them and grease them though; which is something i’ve never done.

    I’ve had a couple of the SSC standard bb’s but wouldn’t reccomend ’em. As mentioned before they come with 0 grease in and mine sucked in water and rusted solid pretty swiftly.
    You might be able to make them last longer by pulling the seals off and packing with decent grease before you fit them but I’d head back to Shimano – or Hope if you’re feeling flush…

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    This is what you want.

    King BB with grease adaptor tool.

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    Can you open up the Race face bbs? Anyone tried it? Or replaced the bearings in them?


    What tools do you need to service a HTII BB, and where can you get the bearings from? I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find the info … 😕

    how much is the CK greese tool?

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    thisisnotaspoon – Member

    how much is the CK greese tool?


    Premier Icon molgrips

    One (even better) word: Acros.

    Its really hard to open up the RaceFace EXBB and clean them and grease them again. The placcy covers are a bugger to remove . I have yet to do it without breaking one. If you want to have a go I suggest warming up the BB in the oven at its lowest setting , for about 15mins so the placcy covers (they are a sort of Top hat design and run from the inside out and turn through 90 degrees to make a seal , axel interfaces with the seal ) soften then might come off without ripping. thenits a pop the seals and clean and re – greaase , then re -fit the seals.

    In my vain attempt to make a SSC BB last longer I modded the BB by firstly scoring the outer face to make epoxy stick to it better, then put a tiny amount of grease on the rotating face of the dust cover. I then very carefully cut a tiny circle of polythene ( I used a Tesco bag) to stick over the greased crap cover. Finally covered the external faces with Epoxy to make a secondary overlap seal.The idea was that the epoxy went off and the bearings still span on the grease/ polythene.
    First attempt i used too much epoxy and the crank arms pulled off one side, then i used a thinner amount , and so far say 100 miles over 5 rides its as smooth as the day I fitted it.


    All of my shimano BBs have outlasted the supposedly better quality/identical-at-worst SSC BB by a loooooong way.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Mine died after 1.5 rides – just like the one reviewed in MBUK / What MTB or whatever mag it was did. I’d already returned it “under warranty” but to no avail. I am clearly an idiot with a spanner, I didn’t read the destructions from my crankset supplier (you won’t get any destructions with your BB, by the way – you have to refer to another company’s literature to fit their kit) and it was suggested that the fine sand in my BB had come down the seat tube. Of course, it might have, but then, it might not.

    The other SSC one on my ‘high days and dry days’ road bike is still running ok (though I abhor having it on there). It was fitted by the same clown (me) but hasn’t had much in the way of Peak District mountain biking to contend with.

    hey ho.

    ho hum.



    gone to the hills – sale of goods act! that is so not on


    mine lasted a few weeks before seizing, the only good thing about them is that you can easily drift out the bearings with a 21mm socket and replace with good ones.

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