ss tensioner from rear mech?????

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  • ss tensioner from rear mech?????
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    like fred dinage said…………..HOW


    works on mine… just hang the mech as normal, adjust with a little bit of cable tp get the line and let it pull your chain tight. only need tp use one jocky wheel as well, but don’t try and trim the mech down for weight savings, it’ll only snap!


    Use an old shifter or brake cable run through from the cable holder to the adjustment bolt to tension the mech to the right ‘dear’ for your sprocket, adjust chain length to get the required tension, and Bob’s your mum’s brother.

    There are other, fancier ways of doing it, but this is the simplest and most secure, albeit with a little more friction than a dedicated tensioner.

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    take an old gear cable.

    Insert the cable so that the nipple is set in the ferule end of the mech, pull the inner through the mech clamp.

    With the mech held in the position that is in line with the chainline, tighten the inner wire clamp and snip off the surplus.

    Screw the hig and low stop screws until they fix the mech in the postion that you have set.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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