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  • Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Merry Christmas STW!

    I’m trying to build up a single speed for the winter and have some questions re the conversion. Frame already has horizontal dropouts so I’m hoping I won’t need a tensioner.

    – I have an XT triple crankset. Can I reuse the chainring?
    – I have an old road cassette and chain. Can I reuse one of the sprockets and the chain?
    – Do I need a chain device?




    Premier Icon mattjg

    You still might find getting a proper SS/single chainring and cog are better value in the long run, especially if you intend to use the other parts for gearie riding in the future.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Cheers. Any recommendations on where to buy the components please?


    I have done this an it’s fine. For really cheap either space it with cassette spacers if you have enough in the bits box or plastic plumbing pipe, I’ve used the latter.
    With horizontal dropouts you may get away without it but bear in mind an XT middle ring is designed change gear easily so it may be advisable if you aren’t using a single-specific ring.

    Premier Icon downshep

    Charlie the bikemonger does SS kit.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    CRC do Shimano DX SS sprockets for a few quid. It’s not worth badging a cassette IMO.

    What size rear sprocket are after? Might be worth trying a wanted on here.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    I use the On One Groove Armada sprockets, I like the wide base.

    KMC Chain 3/32. Whatever single specific chainrings are sitting around. Currently a Works Components Thick/Thin because I use the bike geared 1xX too and it makes switching easy, but I doubt a Thick/Thin has any benefit for SS.

    Any 8 speed chain with a groove armada will work. Quieter than an 1/8 th chain. You will need something to stop the wheel slipping forward under load, as a QR wont be strong enough. You can use the front chainring. My mate does, although single speed specific is better. It has deeper teeth and will wear the chain better. Small sprocket rings are better for chainline than 2 big spacers on the rear hub.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    & look for One Cog Cycling group on Facebook, no end of ‘expert advice’ 😉 there


    You don’t believe your e-mails…tsk

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    On-One do a decent stainless ring.

    If possible, convert the rear axle to a solid nutted type… you can get it tighter & negate the need for a tensioner.


    As above.

    Convert rear hub to bolt thru 10mm axle-not essential but much better to set up.

    Use on one rear and front rings.

    Use kmc 3/32 chain.

    It’ll be worthwhile laying out for new parts in the long run.

    You won’t need a chain tensioner but chain tugs are essential.


    superstarcomponents for

    conversion kit + sprocket £10
    tensioner £10

    planet x for

    single ring £15

    chain Z610 from crc £7

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Dave! I completely forgot my old e-mails. Forgive me!

    I should have mentioned I think I have an SS specific rear wheel (Hope Pro 2 on Arch EX) that came with a rear bolt through axle. Should that do the trick?

    Should mean I can get away with just buying:

    – Rear sprocket
    – Spacers
    – Chainring bolts
    – SS or 8 speed chain

    Is this correct?

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