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    I initially converted a Merlin Malt 1 to SS, then used a Malt 4 frame for the purposes with a tensioner. Fun, but I personally found the top tube relatively short and the bike twitchy, particularly with the need to be out of the saddle quite often.

    In the end I bit the bullet and bought an Inbred (steel, sliding dropout) and absolutely loved it. The added top tube length made standing up a lot easier, the bike felt less twitchy and more surefooted too. The springiness of the steel frame (and not just an On One) makes for a lovely ride without the jarring buzz of some aluminium frames. However, it is quite a heavy frame in the first place.

    I’ve just bought a slot dropout Scandal, because the geometry is the same but it is lighter. Only ridden twice so far, but it’s definitely lighter and sharper, and therefore feels faster, BUT, it is a lot stiffer. There is still some give, and it’s not uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have the springiness of the old Inbred. For me it was a wise move, I want something I can do more events on and I’m willing to take the ‘comfort’ penalty to do that.

    At the end of the day, the ideal thing would be a Ti one, but they haven’t made those in years, and I’m not sure they will be making any soon either.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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