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  • S&S coupling.. Anybody put one on a mountain bike ?
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    Thinking of putting one on a Hardtail. Any pictures would be good. Tentative plan for going abroad with a 29er and 2 sets of wheels.


    No but why wouldn’t you?

    EDIT break-away bikes are very good, pack as small and cost less?


    **Ben to the forum**

    Mate has em on mtb tandem, will direct him this way.


    Plenty of custom-builders offer this option…won’t be cheap though. I’d rather buy a S/H Ibis Tranny (bolt-on rear) or similar (If it had to be a hardtail).
    Couplers don’t save as much time as you would think, as you can still have problems with cables/hoses without removing parts.
    I think a lot of full-sus frames would actually pack down smaller with them not having full size rear triangles.

    Edit: Is your frame steel? I’ve just been reading that’s what the frame would have made from…I think that only applies when altering existing frames though.


    Yup, I’ve fitted quite a few to MTBs – they’re plenty strong enough but yes, it has to be a steel frame.

    Cables can have splitters, so you can separate the entire thing and have two halves to pack away.

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    I genuinely had not thought of splitting a full Sus at the Pivot for transport..Doh It’s not as if my full suss has more than one.

    It also looks as if the frame would need re powder coating/painting so a good second hand frame would be a good option.

    Thanks for the links, that Inbred looks great.


    Yep Crashtestmonkey has seen ours in action. We have a Ventana full bounce tandem with S&S couplings – 5 couplings to be precise to split the frame into three. Works very well too. I did not bother with cable splitters for the gears as I went for shifters that had seperate backets on the bars so when we pack it the grips, brackets for brakes and gears stay onthe bars and I just neatly coil and tape the hoses and gear cables in a loop.

    Not sure if this link still works as work bans certain things but there was a little slide show of it being stripped and packed in this thread.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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