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    Have X9 on the missus’ bike and X0 tested on a mate’s bike with respective shifters. Struggle to tell the difference to be honest. Perhaps the benefits will become apparent over the long term?


    Just recently swapped a tired X7 mech for an X9 (with an X0 shifter) and apart from a slightly smoother feel to the drivetrain through the driveside crank there was no difference. Shifting (short cage mech) was the same bolt-action blam-blam-blam action. I wanted there to be a difference but its all in the shifter and cabling

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    Hi Chaps,

    I know there’s nothing in it between an XTR and XT rear mech when paired with XTR or XT levers.

    But anyone have experience of X9 vs X0 rear mechs? I’ve currently got an X0, but I either need to get a chain device, or go for a Type 2 mech. And I’m not spending silly money on a new X0, but the X9 Type2 at £66 is pretty good value.

    Anyone used both, with the same shifters and care to comment?




    Running X0 shifters and mechs on my HT and X9 shifters and mechs (with type 2) on the FS.

    I haven’t mixed the two as yet.

    My experience is that they are near identical in terms of shifting performance, both being instant and positive and reliable. The X0 feels more precise in a clicky positive shift kinda way, the X9 feels smoother.

    I have dropped the chain twice with the Type 2 X9 mech, once off the granny and once off the big ring; I’m happy I’ve got the limiter screws set right, so I’m wondering now if the chain is a bit too long. Set up big ring to big sprocket with suspension fully compressed plus one link and the Power Link thing.

    If I had the money, I would go X0. As I don’t, X9 is ideal.


    I’ve used my x9 type 2 today on a blast round the wyre and it never missed a gear. But I upgraded from oem x5 and still using x5 shifters but they didn’t let me down. Best £66 I spent. The extra £16 is worth it for the type 2. seems like a quality product. Only difference I can see between the x9 type 2 and the xt + is that I can’t see that there is any way to turn the clutching mech off like you can with the +. But it didn’t affect the shifting.

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