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  • SRAM X9 shifter help needed
  • ski

    NCB they have a exploded view and parts numbers on the spare parts catalogue .pdf (2009)


    btw, what bits are you after?

    I think I might have a dead one in my shed somewhere, unless I chucked it on the last clear out I did.

    As title looking for exploded view or similar of the internals of a SRAM X9 trigger shifter. There is not that much info on their web site, just says take to nearest dealer. dealer says bin it! There are no broken parts it just needs assembling back to how it should be! Anyone got the info???

    Hi ski, thanks for the link. Unfortunately it doesnt show a detailed exploded veiw of the shifter. I have damaged the top housing if you have an old one going cheap (or free) let me know. Cheers NCB.


    Is it the plastic top cover you have damaged?

    yes its cracked

    I can help. I have a spare one . I can also talk you through the re -assembly process. Thye normally turn themselves into zebedee once the 3 screws are removed. It is fairly straightforward .
    Silver and grey , 9 speed with the veiwing window version?

    Which side front or rear?

    Hi singletrackmind mind thanks for your reply. Mine is silver & grey and I could do with the talking through the assembly. There is a small 2 legged spring in the lower casing. Im not exactly sure where it goes and what it is there to tension. I think if that is back in correctly the top housing assembly should be ok. At the moment the screw in the centre became loose and it started to shake apart. The shim and seal were hanging out the bottom! I dont think any parts are missing or broken though. If someone could post a pic of how it should all go together that would be a big help. . I have tried to put it together about 10 times and initially it feels like it is working then it sort of jams up and the levers dont return correctly.

    Cheers NCB

    Its a rear BTW

    No SRAM experts here?


    I tried it but it never really worked right again…. you may have abit more luck. I’m sure it’s all about the coil spring….. 😕

    Ahhhh now i see where that litttle spring goes! Sorted thanks for the link working now 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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