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  • sram X9 rear issues.
  • kirky72

    I have the X9 rear clutch derraliur which has the supposedly handy cage lock button.

    I used it for the first time today after a particularly muddy ride so I could clean the Jockey wheels properly.

    It locked out okay but I can’t get the little bastard to release. It’s supposed to just pop out when you move the cage forward again or with a bump, nothing’s working I moved it all over, tried to press the button back out from the other side.

    It just won pop out. I can’t find anything on the net on it because everything just says it releases automatically when you get moving. So if anybody has had the same issue or tips on how to release the thing it would be much appreciated.

    It may be seized on so I gave it a dose of wd40 but still no action, the unit is good condition.


    mine stuck when was really muddy. but i just took the slack off the cage and pulled the pin out, only needed a gentle pull and it sprung back and worked as normal after.

    make sure you pull the cage back because the pin has a grove in it that locks the cage and give the pin wiggle/pull


    thanks Rob.

    when you say back, do you mean pull the whole thing back beyond the back wheel direction wise. The thing is the whole mech is also swinging looe so when I do that it just swings back, I have tired stretching the mech backwards so then basically it is fully stretched in a straight line to its full length, still no release and the pin (lock button) wont release.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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