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  • Sram torque caps
  • pitchpro2011
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    So I just got a new set of forks today and was quite looking forward to seeing what difference the torque caps made as I have compatible hubs. However on opening the fork box it doesn’t come with any torque caps, they don’t come with the wheels obviously so I’m forced to use the standard caps that don’t fit in the drop outs properly. I’m confused, what’s the point promoting the torque caps if you don’t get them?

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    I’d have thought the torque caps would come with the hub as they are part of the hub and no hub specific like most hub “adapters”

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    Was it the DT Swiss torque caps the fork was supposed to ship with? Or maybe SRAM ones? Or…

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    Sounds like a hub part – as slowbloke says, not compatible with other hubs

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    Or just a part you buy separately depending on your fork-hub combo

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    Don’t go out of your way to get some, they make virtually no difference so long as your axle is nipped up properly.

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    Ahh I was under the impression they only fitted the sram hubs, I’d like them for no other reason than to fit the drop outs properly.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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