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  • Sram spare parts
  • Premier Icon edward2000
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    Im looking for a Sram Code RSC lever. Literally nothing in stock anywhere. I cant even find a complete rear brake in stock anywhere in the UK??? Whats going on?

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    Apparently there’s some supply issues for some reason. No idea why.

    Premier Icon simondbarnes
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    Whats going on?

    Have you been asleep for the last 12 months?

    Premier Icon DickBarton
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    I suspect it is going to be several months before anything comes in for existing products, so everything is going to be incredibly rare (and may even start a price war) – SRAM tend to make OEM stuff ‘cheap’ for the bike manufacturers but don’t seem to do so well for the consumer when it comes to replacing (and we all ‘happily’ pay the prices – so why should they make them cheaper?) – I’m guessing this shortage of the supply will have an impact and will either see more spares and parts being made available later on in the year or might see a bit more supply and hopefully a reduction in the price of the kit.

    I doubt it will happen, but this global pandemic has hit everything hard and the consumer is now really feeling it when it comes to trying to purchase stuff (either as upgrades or replacement) – it has been an issue for the last year but it is really hitting us now as any stock that was available is seriously dwindled as well.

    I’ve no doubt every manufacturer is suffering this as well, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be resolved any time soon.

    Premier Icon jaymcjayface
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    I’ve had bits from Bikeinn too. Delivery took a while but it was coming from Spain..

    Premier Icon gazzab1955
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    Had to resort to eBay for a 2nd hand SRAM front mech, unable to get a new one! 🙁 It’s always worth a look, plenty of folk breaking a bike and selling the components individually.

    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    Bust my gx mech

    October for stock

    Premier Icon edward2000
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    Well this is utter b****x

    Basically ive overtightened the compression nut on the lever and cant get it off (schoolboy error i know), so i thought i would cut the hose and replace said lever. Cant even do that now.

    Purchase some Hopes? What about Shimano stock?

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