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  • Sram rival 11 speed mech lazy downshift
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    Clobbered my rear mech against a rut. It looks straight

    However, it is lazy downshifting. This is an issue because (poxy design) the nipple isn’t captive so the cable pops out of the housing at the lever end (I think sram have since changed this) – it’s a 1 x 11 hydro road lever.

    I have lubed the mech and I can get it to shift fine if I manually pull the mech across. Fitted new inner and outer cable so it’s not that. Feels as though it hasn’t got enough spring tension

    Suspect mech is knackered and I can get it to shift okay if I pull it across manually. Maybe pivots have been compressed by the impact?

    Any thoughts before I invest in a new one?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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