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  • SRAM Jockey Wheel Bearings
  • Premier Icon oikeith

    I cant find the original post, but thank you to the user who mentioned last year you can buy the bearings which go in the jockey wheels of SRAM mechs for replacement when they seize.

    Couldnt figure out why when riding the chain would drop off the jockey wheels and not back pedal, turns out the bearings in my GX 11 speed were solid, popped out the old ones and pushed in the new ones and good as new!

    eBay Item number: 222164448980

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Making a dollar out of fifteen cents

    I did it a few times with mine, but found that eventually the jockey wheels wouldn’t stay straight.

    Swapped over to the superstar ones which are doing well so far.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I popped in some Sram NX jockeys instead – they were about £14 and are bushes rather than bearings. Wanted them in with a load of grease and haven’t given them a moments thought since.

    Premier Icon oikeith

    I did have some NX jockey wheels too, but the upper jockey wheel inner spacer thing has a 6mm hole as opposed to the 5mm hole on the other side, the NX jockey wouldnt fit as the holes are all 5mm. It was then after going back in the draw I found the bearings and popped them in.

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