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  • SRAM HS2 vs Magura MDR-P etc high capacity rotors?
  • james
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    My frame manufacturer tells me my pedal power frame is warrantied upto 180mm rotor max.
    180mm rotorhas always been short on power, poor with heat and fade and think I’ve cooked it before

    The SRAM centreline rotor is now pitted and thin, so replacing along the lines of SRAM HS2 or Magura MDR-P, both 2mm thick, more braking metal and claim to deal with heat better

    Which is better? What else is worth considering?
    Magura MDR-C is also aimed at ebikes, cheaper but magura indicates nothing like as powerful?

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    Haven’t tried the Magura but got a few rides on the SRAM HS2 and they offer a good bump in power over the centreline they replaced. I changed nothing else, just the rotors (centrelines were good nick and clean before anyone says anything, just fancied giving the HS2 a try). The lever feels better as well as the thicker rotor reduces the dead lever play.

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    Good to hear, shame they’re the most expensive option

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    I recently switched to a 180mm MDR-PM from a 180mm Centreline, it’s vastly better – more power, less fade from the exact same pads on Magura trail Sport brakes.

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    Being a heavier rider I keep thinking a bump up to a 2mm thick rotor would be a benefit, anyone used the 2mm galfer rotors?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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