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  • lucien

    Can’t tell the difference between X5, X7 or X9 other than in my wallet. On my XO shifters it’s much more of a definate click up and down, more definate engagement. Now, is it worth the extra money – reckon that’s a personal choice


    I currently run an X9 rear derailleur and shifter (9 spd) and Raceface Diabolus crankset on my Custom 4X identiti.

    Am now going to start building a XC bike, with a bit more dollar in the bank. Is the huge price jump between x9 and x0 or XX really worth it?



    X9 feels nicer than X7, which feels quite soggy an imprecise. If you can get a good deal on X9, then go for it. Otherwise, you might get a better deal on XT. I run SLX shifters and an XT mech on my XC bike and it feels excellent…at the expense of having to readjust every few weeks.


    The new x7 Shifters feel the same as the x9 imo the older 1’s were not as good.


    IMO, just get x9.

    If you trash the mech, an x9 mech is about 1/3 to 1/2 the price of x0. Don’t bother with XX unless your house is made out of gold.

    By the time you get to x-9, you’re paying major money for only very small improvements.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Ive gone back to good old xt after 3 years of x-9 kit falling apart. It works great but just proved to fragile for me. main culprit being the shifters.

    The sram kit on my road bike is proving hardy enough though.

    From past experience the carbon cage of an X0 can destroy itself just by accidentally going big/big. Stick to X9 which I have found pretty indestructible


    X0 not worth it over X9 in my opinion, but I bought X0 second hand and it works very positively. I also have the last gen X9 that were very similar to the X0 and they’re just a little less stiff and positive than the X0’s. If I was buying new, X9 everytime.


    X0 or XX is worth the extra money much better performance, smoother and quicker and more positive, and if you shop about you will get the X0 or XX stuff for not much more, I got X0 9 speed rear mech for £105 from merlin and got XX shifters for £132 and X0 10 speed rear mech for £115 from CRC. Go X0 or XX what ever you can afford much better, also got the new X0 cassette which is worth just hanging on the wall!! And yes I have had X9 in the past and their was a noticeable difference in X9 to X0

    4ndy B

    Spend more money on the shifter, that’s what does the real work.

    The rear mech is just a ‘dumb’ sprung mechanism & more likely to receive damage than a shifter

    X0 or X9 shifter with X9 or X7 rear mech

    Get whichever your budget allows, the increase in performance as you go up the range diminishes quite quickly once you surpass X9 level

    I have used X7 to X0 rear mechs, only once broken a X9 rear mech, which was replaced under warranty. All other mechs have worked flawlessly

    I’ve only used X7 and X9 shifters on my bikes, but having tried X0 on mates bikes if I had the cash I would use X0 shifters, they do just feel that little bit nicer than X9


    I have an X0 10 speed 3 ring set up and I’ve had quite a few problems with it.
    At first I started to get a lot of chain suck which in turn buggered up the chain. So new chain and re set up I thought I had it sorted only to find the rear mech cable hanging on by a single thread on the last ride meaning lots of barrel adjustment.
    I also find that I often get the chain jumping from the big front ring straight down to the smaller ring. I’m convinced it’s because the quick change down relies on too much cable tension.
    That said on the few occasions when I have had it running without any problems the change down has been amazing. Very rapid and very responsive. Changing up depends on your pedal technique, get the whole thing right and the change up is also sweet, get it slightly wrong and it does feel awkward.
    My next outing should have a perfect set again with a new cable. No more problems will mean I’ve just been unlucky up to now, more problems will mean it’s a piece of shit and Sram can expect a warranty call. I’ll let you know.
    I have an XT set up on my hard tail and haven’t suffered any problems at all but then again I don’t hammer that bike as much.


    Well two big rides including a fairly big off and we’re doing fine. The whole set up is working well.
    I still contest that it’s far better changing down than up and you still need a good technique, but only when your doing the really slow technical stuff. The quicker the better; for instance changing up before you hit the climb rather than hitting the climb and searching for the right gear…. but that’s good technique isn’t it ?

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