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  • SRAM Force AXS front shifting
  • Premier Icon andrewreay
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    Recently upgraded the road bike to SRAM (Force) AXS.

    Done a few rides now and the front shifting is getting annoying.

    I should just RTFM, but…

    Sometimes, like most of the time now, hitting the up shift command for the front mech just doesn’t shift the chain up the chainring.

    The mech does move, and there’s some whirring as I hit the paddles, but it didn’t move enough to shift up.

    Eventually, with upshifts at the back and multiple double taps of the shifters, it does move up, but only after a lot of complaining and noise.

    So, what do I need to do?

    Is it a matter of ‘trim’ or do I have to physically reposition the front mech?

    I have no idea how I do actually trim by the way. If it was cables on the other hand…

    Any help appreciated.

    Premier Icon simondbarnes
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    Just RTFM or watch the sramtech setup video on youtube

    Premier Icon Fantombiker
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    As above there is a SRAM videos. Follow the instructions to the letter and you will be rewarded with excellent shifting that rarely needs adjusting. It takes about 10 minutes. Assume you have the correct cassette, chainrings and chain? It won’t shift without!

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    New ride has Force AXS, to be honest I’m not really getting on with it.
    Its sooooo bloody noisy, gears 4-6 are terrible, sounds like the front mech it rubbing bit its not and I’m pretty sure its a bent hanger as 12-7 okay, 6-4 car crash, 3-1 oaky. I’m going to take the chain off and set it all up from scratch when Canyon send me a new hanger.

    Pretty sure the front mech is auto trim so as long as the position is correct (there are alignment marks on the mech) and the limits are set it should be good.

    Premier Icon solarider
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    I have SRAM AXS on 5 bikes and it all functions perfectly and quietly. I had a problem on 1 of the bikes to start with, but it was down to chainline. Might be worth looking at that.

    Otherwise, follow the SRAM instructions to the letter. No matter how experienced you are as a mechanic, it isn’t quite the same as every other front mech you have ever set up, and worth relearning how to do it.

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