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  • SRAM Force 1 mech – Hope 12T jockey wheels OK?
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    I’ve just bought a used Force 1 mech (to change from med to long cage). It’s fitted with Hope 12T jockey wheels. Are they OK for SRAM 1x 11? The standard SRAM jockeys have narrow/wide profiling and these don’t, and the wear on them looks a bit suspect. I can swap the jockeys out of the med cage I am taking off, but if these Hope’s are OK I might as well leave them on.

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    Looks like it’s been tested, wear pattern shows it’s not really set up for narrow wide, but can’t say wear on that would worry me, i’d be more worried of any stiction due to this, but again, looks like the original owner has done that experiment.

    All else seems fine, Hope do appear to do the 12t to suit SRAM, with the 4mm spacer provided, that’s the only bit i’d check, making sure they’ve put the right spacer on so that the mech isn’t out of spec, and of course continuing to use those worn teeth for the narrow part when feeding the chain.

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    Yeah, that’s sort of what I’m thinking. Googling around they do seem to be compatible and they spin very nicely, so if they feel OK with a chain on I’ll take it from there.

    This might all go out the window due to aesthetics as I’m not 100% on the red wheels with my bike!

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    My brain hurts looking at that arrow and trying to decide if its the right way around

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    They work fine with SRAM 11 speed. I use them on a bike with no issues. They will last longer than the original SRAM ones and it is debatable whether there is any benefit of having narrow wide on jockey wheels.

    The anodising wearing away from alternate teeth is just because they are being used with a single chainring, so the narrow links on the chain always contact the same teeth on the jockey wheels. I’ve also got Hope 11T ones on an older bike that doesn’t use narrow wide and on that the anodising has worn off all of the teeth. It’s only cosmetic and doesn’t show so much when the chain is wrapped round half of each wheel.

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