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  • SRAM eagle 12S quick link on a shimano 12S chain?
  • Wally
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    Dear STW hive mind, I have googled this, but I’m confused and I don’t want to die in a puff of quicklinks.
    I have Shimano 12S quicklinks – I have SRAM Golden rainbow 12 Speed quicklinks.
    I want to be able to split the chain on a fairly regularly basic to dip in Putoline. ( I know – I know)
    Do I fit the one use Shimano and get on with my life or fit the non Shimano SRAM quick link, that it appears you can reuse?

    Having a cuppa – before I fit….

    Reads like I can
    12-speed Shimano SM-CN910-12 5.25mm
    SRAM EAGLE Chain Connector 12-speed Power Link 5.25mm

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    I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to re-use SRAM 12 speed links too… though I have done. They do get a bit loose over time though.

    Aren’t Shim chains/ cassettes now fundamentally different in their 12 speed design anyway meaning the sram link might cause issues? Only way to see if the link works is to try it I suppose.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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