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  • square taper bottom bracket ‘sleeve’
  • Premier Icon jimfrandisco
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    Another square taper question as my google powers have failed me.
    I have a square taper bb, all fine but the non-drive side sleeve thingy is plastic and cracked – all i want to do is replace that with a metal one…but seems it’s not a part you can buy on its own?

    It’s not specific to each bottom bracket (assume same for all 68mm shell BBs) so strange that I can’t find one.
    Am I just calling it the wrong thing or is it just that BBs are so cheap you’re just supposed to buy a new one?


    Premier Icon thols2
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    They’re not something that generally wears out, so they come with the BB. If you’re on good terms with a bike shop, they will probably have a bunch of them in their junk heap.

    Premier Icon spacehopper
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    theres a few on ebay (resin mostly from my quick search..) not cheap tho compared to a new BB…

    do a search for bottom bracket cup as opposed to sleeve..

    id just buy a new BB and keep it for a spare looking at the prices of the ‘cups’

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    While they are not specific to each bottom bracket there are different sizes so you can’t just buy a ‘spare’ and assume it will fit. I suspect even if it was available it’ll be half the price of a new BB. I’d go with the advice above, a friendly chat with a bike shop or buy a new BB and keep the other bit as a spare.

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    I would imagine that your time and money is much better spent on a new bb.

    Premier Icon jimfrandisco
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    Thanks all. Will ask about, but does look like its a case of just buying another BB – cheers

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    Your best bet is the spares bin at a friendly local bike shop.

    As above – they aren’t always interchangeable. I’ve had to tickle Shimano metal cups in a lathe so they would fit in place of plastic ones.

    If the plastic NDS one is just a single crack then they will still work – just don’t go crazy with the spanner.

    Premier Icon snotrag
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    Any regular bike shop mechanic should be able to dig one out of their bin for you.

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