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  • Spuds to flats,,HOW LONG??
  • tacopowell

    First attempt on Flats today,
    Went down to the Bike park at Sherwood Pines,
    First 30 minutes felt really weird,
    Things I learnt in two hours of riding,
    1. You have to move your feet so they’re central to the pedal.
    2. The Bike is no longer attached to me, Scooping the bike up on jumps but struggling move with rocky technical stuff (looking at the advice here I know I need to drop my heels more and soften my legs)
    3. I’m not looking forward to technical climbs on flats.
    4. I learnt how to bunny hop (Goal of today complete)
    5. I had lots more fun than I expected to have 😀


    I switched at the start of last season – DMR Vaults and 5:10s.

    Took 2-3 rides to really get used to them, but sh*tloads faster now on descents, especially really steep & technical ones as I feel able to commit so much better.

    Climb wise I’m not that fussed as I ride/race Enduro so it’s about getting up climbs in time, rather than worrying about being fast up them.

    Do it – you’ll not regret it!


    I ride both and don’t really notice tbh. I’m clipped in on my most used bike – Spesh Enduro with CB Mallets. I have flats on my HT as it’s primarily a pub bike, but take it on some rides. It’s not an issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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