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  • Spring Service; what else probably needs doing?
  • jdwafc

    Buy book, Zinn and the art of mountain bike maintenance.
    All you need will be there and well worth £15 (amazon) if you tackling everything yourself.

    If the gears are lumpy, the first thing I’d do is replace the gear cable and maybe the housing too. I’m always amazed how completely rejuvenating this is.
    As for replacing the chain, be sure your cassette and chainrings aren’t too far gone as well – new chain and worn out everything else will end in crunchy gear misery.

    Headset should be alright with a strip and regrease. Only replace the bearings if they’re super ropey.


    Okay so I’m setting myself a day next week to service my bike, it has a few little niggles that I wanted to sort out;
    Gear changing can be lumpy & doesn’t always “find” the gear after flicking the shifter – I brought a new chain and will adjust the rear mech & shifter.
    Brakes have lost some power – I’ve got new sets of the superstar brake pads to fit.
    I also plan to give it a good clean, re grease the bearings in my V8’s and also the headset.

    I’ve had the bike since November and it’s been used for commuting everyday over winter (5 miles e/w) plus weekend rides so probably just short of 2000 miles altogether.

    I’m quite a novice (if you hadn’t already figured :roll:) but have all the tools i’d need to do the jobs, I do have a few questions though.

    1- Is it worth just replacing the bearings in the headset (it’s an open cartridge 1 1/8 jobby) or will a re-grease be fine?

    2- Are the hubs likely to need doing? I brought the cone spanners that I’d need to strip them but just don’t know how often they would need servicing.

    3- It has a hollow tech 2 bottom bracket, which seems to be a little bit noisy now, what can I do about it?

    4- Is there anything else on the bike that I should do at the same time?

    Thanks & sorry for the totally novice questions! I just don’t want to take it to a bike shop and it cost a fortune for something I could do myself


    Thanks for that Fortunateson, could you tell me how long a length of gear cable i’d need, also the outer, it seems worthwhile before I fit a new chain.

    Is that book better than guides found online or youtube?

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