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  • Spring rates on 2008 coil revelations- experience wanted
  • jonb


    Interested in some second hand coil revs.

    They have the firm spring not the standard.

    I’m about 75kg without kit but probably over 80 by the time I’ve got dressed and picked up my camelback.

    I also ride quite aggressively (read heavily).

    75kg takes me just into the bottom range of the firm spring and I think it should be ok.

    Anybody go any experiences to help me decide. Particularly interested if you could tell me your weigh and how hard you ride as well.



    Hi mate – I bought a pair direct from Tim Flooks at TF and he said that the spring rates on the Revelations were set quite soft for their rating. Consequently, at 104kg, he said I absolutely needed the extra firm springs. My riding style is fast and aggresive but the terrain where I ride is relatively tame (North Downs).

    You could either take this as an indication that the firm springs are probably just right for you or you could always give him a call and see what he says. Either way, changing the spring would be a very easy job and TF could supply you with the right one.

    One idea that could work well is if having bought them, you send them off to TF and have him Push tune them for you. As well as giving them a complete service, you’d probably find they change the spring rate for you as part of the overal tuning. That does cost £140 mind. I had mine Push tuned and can certainly recommend it – part of me wishes I hadn’t sold my Revelations on, as they were one of the best performing forks I’ve ever had and easily the best value for money (the Push tuning was inlcuded when I bought the fork so it was a lot less than £140!)

    Premier Icon gamo

    im 14.5st (92.5kg) and was also recommended the extra firm spring, sag is spot on yet with little or no compression damping i rarely use full travel unless really pushing it so probably just right!


    I’m 13st 2lbs and find the stock medium spring in mine just fine, set at 130mm I get 30mm of sag, whis is about right @ 22% sag

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    I’m not sure if there’s a widespread problem with the Firm springs in this years RS forks.

    I have a Firm spring in my Toras but it’s way too stiff for me even though I weigh 200lbs. I asked my LBS to order me in the Medium spring but they cant get one for love nor money. The distributor (Fisher?) is completely out of stock as apparently a lot of people have found the same problem and their swapping over to the Medium spring.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Spot on for you mate. 100+kgs here & find the X-Firm spot on.
    If you find it too hard you’ll have no probs swapping with someone on here.

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