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  • Marko

    A bump before the bay:

    2X Cane Creek springs, taken from a CCDB shock. One at 450 X 3.00 and one at 550 X 3.00. (length of both is 168mm, external diameter is 55mm and the internal diameter is 37mm. Both had little use, before the shock was upgraded with a titanium spring. £12 each including delivery.

    2X Foxshox, take from my 5 Spot. One at 400 X 2.45 and one at 450 X 2.37. Both are 119mm in length and have an external diameter of 51mm and an internal diameter of 36mm. £10 each including delivery.

    Payment is Bank transfer only or Paypal gift. Check my posting history – I will not rip you off or mess you around. Please PM me and leave a message here.

    Please feel free to take the piss. ‘They are cheaper in Evans’ type comments are welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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