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  • Premier Icon BigJohn

    I’ve got a premium Spotify account so I downloaded the Android version onto my phone which has Android 2.0

    For a little while it was all good. I could get music on 3g and WiFi which is all good.

    Then it started to go beresk. Downloading playlists even though I hadn’t asked it too and just shutting itself down, saying it was downloading 0% of 0 songs, 22% complete and generally flashing through random screens.

    I tried to delete and reload but even though I go into settings there is no option to delete data so as soon as I reinstall it goes back to the same point.

    Looking at comments on the Google Play site it seems I’m not the only one with difficulties.

    Anybody had these problems and overcome them?


    I had the same problem. If you search for “how to store spotify offline music on external ad card” on YouTube, the video by kvold walks you through what to do.

    Spotify removed the ability to save music to the sd card for some reason. You essentially have to install an old version which had the option to set the file path to the sd card, then update to the latest version again.

    Hope that helps!
    Worked for me, only tricky bit was having to find the right file path that my phone uses.


    Had it a few weeks no problem so far including a recent update. My problem is the opposite I don’t find the playlist feature very intuitive and have struggled to search for interesting lists.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I just deleted my spotify playlists which seems to have stopped it going barmy. Obviously not a great fix so I’ll look at that video as soon as I feel the need for another 3 hours of swearing at inanimate objects.

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