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  • Sports Pursuit just made me feel sick
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    What cycling wear for Jabba’s palace?

    I’m still laughing at whoever thought this picture would make people want to buy Canterbury clothing


    A complete cycling lifestyle eh?

    If I don’t ascribe to this lifestyle where all my clothes indicate my preferred sports, could I be described as Wardonaut, journeying through several distinct attire regions throughout the course of a day! 😆

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    I’m not normally exposed to such puke inducing rubbish-

    Aeronaut, aquanaut and astronaut are all nouns that define voyagers and travellers from various walks of life. As technology shifts to almost every component now being manufactured from carbon fiber it was a short but profound journey to creating a term that best describes a person who travels by bike as a Carbonaut. A small British company that creates unique casual wear for cyclists, with designs inspired by the sleek lines worn on the bike, Carbonaut Clothing Company was born out of a passion for the complete cycling lifestyle.



    Just pointed this b*ll*x at my son – undergrad in marketing and design – apart from being appalled,he reckoned it wouldn’t make a pass mark at NVQ level 3. Equally, he didn’t even find it funny.


    HG, that pic made me feel queasy too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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