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    Of course it wasn’t a fix, first Wimbledon champion in 77 years, there was never going to be another winner.

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    @Rusty – it’s as predictable as Christmas. Counting down the days before the in-laws arrive and start pronouncing their ‘original’ ideas on Andy Murray etc.


    Amazing the number of seemingly intelligent people with no idea of the multiple definitions of the word ‘personality’.

    Couldn’t agree more. What also never gets discussed is the pressure a video camera puts on you – don’t know about the rest of you but I fall apart if so much as a smart phone is stuck in my face and I’m asked to comment… We’re all guilty of judging someones personality without ever having met them going on video footage alone, yet how wrong we probably are in so many cases.

    OK so AM is particularly bad on telly but, having watched the documentary on him after he won Wimbledon, what struck me was the depth of friendship and team from those around him.


    @Rusty. I agree.. but here on STW the people know better dontcha know..

    Well done to Andy for his achievements in his sport.

    For those who whine on about mtb not winning – get real will you? The average man & woman in the UK has absolutley no idea that cycling exists as a sport more than their children having a go on a bike..

    Its only when the likes of Hoy wins at the olympics or Wiggins the tour that he gets the coverage that enables them to win the spoty..

    We all know this, so why whine?

    Oh, and STW in general (and maybe UK in general) until you’ve met and actually discussed sth with someone (like andy murray for example) leave them alone with your stupid comments like ‘oh he’s a grumpy barsteward’ jees we’re not all made in the same way..

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    I would imagine that Murray’s quite engaging company – the problem is his monotone voice, as he admits himself.

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    I have an inkling that AM deliberately plays the dour montone Scot just to be left alone, not wanting to be a publicity whore? Certainly rather that than the “I is so awzum” kak that turns out to be BS from so many other types.

    Great advert for Adidas with the guy in the adidas T-shirt lingering behind Murray and then immediately after, adidas billboards with Murray were outside with some trapline about personality.

    I’d like to have seen the Women’s track pursuit team get the team prize. They ‘had’ to give it to Murray though really with the popularity of Wimbledon.

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    sparkingchains – Member
    They ‘had’ to give it to Murray though really with the popularity of Wimbledon. more people voting for him than anyone else.


    They ‘had’ to give it to Murray though really with the popularity of Wimbledon.

    Erm…they gave it to him cos he got most votes. There was no one else in it. I mean Leigh halfpenny as runner up says it all!

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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