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  • Spoke length calculator help please
  • cheeezzy24

    So I have an Alfine 11 hub and a mavic xm119 29er rim to build up. 93mm flanges on the hub and 595mm erd for the rim. 36H building 3 cross. I THINK the spoke length I need is 278mm. Could someone who knows what they are doing and has a few minutes spare check for me please before I buy the spokes. This will be my first venture into wheelbuilding ! Thanks in advance


    I’ve not tried it myself but heard people recommend the DT Swiss calculator. While it’s built for DT stuff you can pick User Defined for any brand.



    Left: 277.3mm
    Right: 276.8mm

    You may find that the 278mm spokes will be a bit long for the right hand side and won’t tighten enough, so I’d drop down a size (277 or 276mm depending on make) for the RHS spokes.

    (Used this page for the hub dimensions)


    Great stuff.cheers


    I get the same lengths as daern from DT and Prowheelbuilder. If it was me I would build with 277s.

    (assuming published ERD and hub dimensions are correct, always worth a quick check first!)


    I’ve always had the best results using the Edd online calculator, but it’s always worth a Google to check the ERD! There is actually a wiki type page for exactly that…

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    Having been caught out a couple of times, and given that published data from different sources can differ, I would suggest that it’s wise to take your own measurements. It’s the only way to be sure you’ve got the right measurement – or if you’ve got the wrong measurement, you’ve no-one else to blame

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