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  • whiter74

    calling Spicy owners
    Any one know if the shock extender that connects it to the ost+ uses a bearing or bush. Anyone replaced it an where did you source the spare.
    cant find much on Google.
    ost > shock extender


    It’s definitely a bearing. Size 6900-2RS with a hollow metal pin/rod that goes through the middle. I’m about to do a full bearing swap on my frame, except those two bearings in the shock shuttle as they seem fine for now.

    I bought a full set of 2012 Spicy bearings from Kaetec on ebay – he does single bearings too, as do a lot of others on ebay/internet. Just make sure it’s decent quality.

    The bearings are pressed in from each end of the shuttle so i reckon a punch through from the hole in the middle of the opposite bearing to get them out. And then a 6900 open-bore drift (just found that wheels manufacturing do these in loads of sizes for £5.50ish each – so i’ve got all 3 sizes for the different bearings in the spicy and a threaded rod to use them with for under £20 – Much cheaper than getting someone else to do it)


    Thanks, took it apart and confirm bearings as you mentioned,I got a few superstar drift tools which should help a lot

    What’s the bearing size on the lower pivot ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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