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  • Spesh Hotrock 20 Vs Islabike Beinn 20 (small)
  • Does anyone know how they compare size/weight wise and any user reviews on either would be appreciated. Thanks

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    weight wise the Islabike is about 3 pounds lighter AFAIK, whih is a lot for a wee person. We have a Beinn 20 Large, which my 8 yr old has just grown out of and I have just reset the stem and saddle for our 4 1/2 yr old, who can just get on it. The older one now has a Beinn 26 Small, which is 4 pounds lighter than the lightest equivalent (Cube 26).

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    Hasrry is just 4 and cant type yet, he’s on the Isla Benin 20. So I will do the review for him… We did 35Km recently and he loves it. It’s very well made. The benin is the first Isla to get full diameter bars so you have to be sure that your kid can get their mits round them and reach the brakes. If so then the CNOC 16 will fit better.

    Plus Isla bikes do a buy back – so no need to ebay once finished with.


    My kids had one of the Hotrock 20’s. Great little bike, pretty much indestructable, but not particularily light.


    Hotrock is heavier, forks only give about 1.5 ins travel but it can take a beating. Seems to be the bike of choice for the little rippers at Glentress. If the bike is just going to be used for a bit of easy xc on reasonable surfaces then go with the isla bike, if it is to be used for something more techy go with the spesh.

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    An Beinn 20 small has just been delivered by the postie (5 mins ago!). Not bad considering I only ordered it on Wednesday afternoon.

    It’s meant for Thump’s 5th birthday next month – but I’m too excited and can’t wait to build it up. It looks superb in bright red. He’s ridden his Cnoc 14 everywhere for the last two years and I wouldn’t even consider another brand. He’ll be absolutely delighted with this bike.
    (not much of a review, but then it is breaking news….)


    My boy has the Spesh and he loves it. We added the wide ratio gearing to the back because it comes with a 36t front ring and with short cranks he struggled a bit on the climbs. Since sorting out the gearing he is unstoppable on it. The forks work but not very well. I am going to cut one the coils off to see if we can get it to work better for his weight, he is quite skinny.

    Great little bike with incredibly good brakes too. He has done the XC descent at Cwmcarn with it and about to start riding the local trails round the Surrey hills in the next few weeks with me.

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