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  • izakimak

    is it possible to set on off whilst riding a bike?


    not sure i’ve tried many a time on my road bike,
    without setting one off,

    there is a camera on a long slight downhill where i could wind it up from a far
    i think its cananbury road in highbury and islington (london)
    its a 30 limit and i used to catch up cars or normally pull away,
    but not once did i set it off.
    most definitely would have be doing over 33mph (30 + 10% that’s what your snapped for right?)

    would be interested to hear if anyone has,

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I’ve triggered the one on the run into Brighton on the L2B I got a huge cheer from the pub opposite too. 😀


    pepper: where’s that one?


    I’ve tried a number of times. There’s a great one leading into Bolton which is on a long gentle downhill. bit busy at times but it’s possible to pass the thing at well over 40 in a 30 limit area if you really crank it up and get a nice slipstream off a car. I’ve been past at around 45 max.

    I’ve not triggered it yet. I suspect I’m not bouncy enough for the radio/light waves. I want to fit a tinfoil cover for my back to see if that does the trick.

    It’s on my to do list.


    (Slightly O.T.)
    A year ago,me & a mate were on a night ride,& on a road section on the way back after a couple or three mid ride pints we approached one of those smiley/sad face “Your Speed” signs.
    We were say 50 to 75 metres off it when it lit up & showed our speed as 17mph(Complete with smiley face)….cue rapid gear upshifts & pedalling like fook out of the saddles…..
    Only for us to show a max of 26mph(Still smiley..!)as we passed it.
    The aim for the next ride a week later was to crack the 30 limit & earn a “Sad face”.
    Anyway,the following week,coming onto the straight,already having wound the speed up,big ring small cog,thighs burning….we achieved…….

    No idea…the sign had gone!!



    @samurai You wern’t drafting a CAR were you…. ummmm.. I’m gonna tell this lot.

    Even more OT…

    I was riding a sports(motor)bike through the dark wiltshire countryside on night in the rain and out of nowhere one of those things lit up like a concentration camp searchlight and nearly made me crash into the hump backed bridge it was warning me about.

    If you have never ridden a motorbike in the rain at night you tend to get spots of rain on your visor which you don’t notice until you see a bright source of light… anyway, they act like a compound eye, hence being blinded by a large LED sign.


    there’s a 30mph flashing sign on the hill I live, I light it up every time I go down it 😀

    ah the joys of a slightly portly bike 😆

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    speed camera’s what?


    I have had a few goes. The speed monitoring ones with the smiley face we have set off but not the actual cameras. Not for want of trying


    There’s a couple on the descent of the Peyresaude into Luchon – we got over 70kmh on those.


    Never been able to set off a speed camera but have managed to light up those your speed ones that light up if you’re over the limit. Maybe wrapping yourself up in aluminium foil would present a better target for the radar in the Gatsos. If I lived near one I might try it.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Set one off on my road bike down Parbold Hill (Lancs) several years ago

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    50 seconds in 😆

    It’s hard to tell as the picture quality is crap but if you’ve seen the original you’ll know it flashes

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Nope – there’s a couple in Edinburgh it’s pretty easy to pass at speed on a road bike and I’ve never triggered them. Couple on Lanark Road dropping down from Gillespie Crossroads to Slateford, though thinking about it, that may be in a 40 limit… Also one on Colinton Road in Craiglockart but only worth a go if it’s quiet – no point in trying in rush hour.

    Tinfoil coat is probably necessary to get the radar excited!

    LOL that’s great. Don’t know how legal that is, and powered bikes is what motorbikes do. Still great fun though, but not sure how he controls throttle.



    Don’t know if it’s an urban myth but I’ve heard of people tying a metal bucket to a rope and swinging it in front of the speed camera fast enough set it off and using up the whole of the film in the camera. Nice if it’s true!


    There’s a your speed/slow down sign coming out of Nottingham (Derby Road for anyone who knows it) that is set at 30 on a nice downhill. You’d have to be a bit slow not to set that one off.

    Never set off a proper speed camera though.


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