Speed cameras, motorbikes and lane positioning.

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  • Speed cameras, motorbikes and lane positioning.
  • fatgit

    Hi All
    Just a quick question relating to the above.
    Saturday afternoon was warm(relatively) and dry so went out on the bike for a quick blast.
    Entering a 30 limit I saw a camera van on the opposite side of the road pointing in the same direction as my travel. Didn’t give it a lot of thought as it was pointing at on coming traffic not me (I think).
    A little while later coming back on the same road the van was still there but again didn’t give it much thought as the bike only has a rear number plate. Wasn’t going stupid in either direction but may have been over the limit both times.
    Anyway NIP arrived this morning saying I’ve been clocked at 35 in the 30 limit.
    Fair enough hands up and not defending my riding at all. I should have been more careful (less stupid) as I knew the van was there both times and was bloody obvious anyway.
    My question is what is the mechanism for this?
    First time-wrong direction of travel
    Second time-how would they get a picture of my no plate.
    Or am I missing something?

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    It says here that the vans have both front and rear facing cameras.

    Edit: I was intrigued as I rode bikes for years and was a motorcycle journo when Gatso cameras first started appearing in the UK. I spent a day with the police doing a myth-busting feature including running a bike with a claimed magic number plate through a set of red lights at the Hanger Lane gyrator on the North Circ. Sigh. Seems like a long time ago, mostly because it was.


    Cheers BWD that explains it.
    Time to be less blasé

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    My licence would last about 20 minutes on a fast bike in the face of modern speed cameras. Way too easy to go way too fast.


    The operator can look out of the back of the van and manually clock your reg number if his system pings you as over the limit.


    The cameras ping off large flat surfaces (e.g cars) but work just as well on fairings and panniers. For a motorcycle the operator simply records your number plate as you go by. The whole process is recorded from start to finish

    Even if the speed checker is one-directional, there are cameras front and rear which can be used to confirm your registration.


    I got done near Chicksands bike park, by a forward facing camera in a village. Was new to me.

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    35 in a 30? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a motorbike going that slow! Damn unlucky.

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