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  • hmanchester

    I’m not a massive one for new year resolutions. They are all or nothing, easily made, easily broken, and then you’re done for the year.

    I do however think that the the new year is a superb time to refocus on goals and set specific targets. You might fall behind, you might get ahead, but you know it’s a year long project that you’re aiming for and committed to.

    So let’s get them down…

    Mine might be a bit strange for an MTB forum. I’m going to stop messing about and get stronger. I know how to do it, I’ve got the means and now I just need the target and motivation. By December 31st 2013 I’m going to be able to lift the following.

    Squat = 2 x BW = 180kg (current 140kg)
    Deadlift = 2.25 x BW = 202.5kg (160kg)
    Bench press = 1.5 x BW = 135kg (110kg)
    Push press: 1 x BW = 90kg (70kg)

    Bring it on!

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Be competitive in the downhill part of the mt Buller bike festival and not way off the pace in the xc.
    Slightly set back by my broken thumb.

    Finish the year stronger and fitter so I can race the 4 day wildside race in Tasmania in 2014.

    Make work pay enough for 3-4 days per week to enjoy life


    That’s the beauty of having a year. Broken thumb? Tis but a scratch.


    Improving my 10k running time. See how close I can get to 35mins


    Another one like this will make me a happy man 8)[video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qwoAIqynBc[/video]


    i’m looking forward to my court date in march, when i will be able to see my 3 sons again after 3 long years.


    Brooes: C’mon commit! 35 min 10k by 31.12.13. Ha!

    spchantler: I’ve been on the other side of that situation (as the kid) so know how painful it can be. I hope justice and sensibility prevails, I really do.


    going bankrupt and drawing a line under all of it!


    Another one like this will make me a happy man

    Hopefully won’t keep us waiting quite so long this year – I jumped across the living room with excitment before remembering my leg was still broken. Ouch..

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Sorting. Life. Out. Same as last year. And the previous 4.


    Quit the job I hate, MTFU and move to Wales like Mrs Kerv and I have been talking about for too long.

    To ride at the front
    Euro hopping
    Several local riding problems to ride

    A proper house clear out
    Consideration of and possible house move
    Consideration of a career change
    To meet some interesting women


    Maintain healthy BMI
    Maintain regular exercise including mountain biking
    Stay at 10st/63,5 or less
    Keep a grip on HBA1C


    Ride a lot, get a sixpack, record an awesome difficult second album and prove the naysayers wrong!

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Find a house that me AND the missus can agree we like, and then buy the bugger.
    Figure out how i can hide another bike from the missus, and see if there is any way i can hide the £8500 that’ll go missing to pay for the S-Works Tarmac SL im dreaming of……
    New car (nowt flash..Insignia type cheapness)
    Get fitter…beat my 10k PB (currently 40mins 50secs), 1/2 marathon PB (1hr 41mins) and complete my first century on the road (London Revolution will sort that out for me like it or not).
    Somehow find time to dust off the underused-these-days mountainbikes and see my mates again..
    Most importantly….continue to be a (hopefully) good husband and father.
    Find the time (and money) to see my sister and her family who live in New Zealand.
    Get a couple of KOMS back on bloody Strava!!
    Enjoy life, realise im lucky to have good, well paid job (even if means im working Christma Day), as does the missus, beautiful kids and good friends, a few quid in the bank, good health, food on the table and beer in the fridge. Lifes good.

    Premier Icon swamptin

    I have great notions of starting racing again this year. It’s been something stupid like 4 or 5 years since I was last in a race, let alone a series. So not ending up in hospital post race… does that count as a good goal?

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    Retire at 55 in October ? A big change I’m not really sure if I will or not. I enjoy work but know I need more time to take on those big expeditions I’ve I always wanted to do.

    Peru in May
    Coast to coast in June in one day

    2013 Seems to be a year of opportunity and a lot of unknowns.


    I would have to opt for the west african dwarf


    I would have to opt for the west african dwarf


    Take and post a pic a day, get out to do a bivi

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