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  • Specialzed Ground Control Rear And Purgatory Front?
  • Premier Icon Tracey

    Im running a Clutch on the front and a Purgatory on the bike. Thats what Specialized speced on my Enduro


    Hi I’m running
    Front Tyre: Specialized Clutch Control
    Rear Tyre:Purgatory Control
    On my Spesh Enduro 2011 finding they have plenty of bite off road and not bad rolling on road/track/canal path but not the best rolling of course but better than the butcher’s that’s for sure :D.

    Doing more off road this weekend but I’m pretty please with results so far. How long they will last? Not sure as yet to early too tell 🙂


    Purg front GC rear works well in all conditions for me on my Camber 29er.


    The Captain Control 2.2 is also worth considering as a rear tyre. Been running one with a Purgatory Control up front (both tubeless)for the last 5 months – been really good for general off piste forest riding.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Mine has had loads of use all over the UK and two weeks in the Alps. Never let me down and still loads of tread left.


    I run this on my camber at the moment, a 2.3 purg and a 2.2 ground control on the back, works well at trail centers, coedy, fod and cannock see no reason to change yet.

    cheers guys – which is the fastest rear tyre out of the captain control and the ground control??

    what exactly are those 2 deisgned for?

    do they offer the same protection as the purgatorys sidewall wise?

    ps whats the clutch??? i cant see that tyre on the spesh website?


    I’m running a Captain on the rear of my Camber, it’s a great three season tyre and is easily set up tubeless too – just make sure that you get the Control version as sidewall protection is far better than the lighter S-Works.

    I am a huge fan of the Storm too, I run one of those up front in all conditions and I am amazed by the amount of sheer grip generated by it. IIRC Spesh do a 2.3″ version of this with a DH casing, which would absolutely be my tyre of choice for anything steep and rocky.


    Yup it’s a good combo, been running it on my FF29 since October last year.


    Sorry to hijack the thread a little but anyone else had problems with the ‘ground control’ leaking wheel juice from the sidewalls? (pin prick bobbles of wheel milk popping up all over the sidewalls..)

    Is this a common issue with the ground control or have I got an iffy tyre?

    cheers tracey – that looks a bit to overkill for my needs TBH, but cheers anyways….

    i think ill try the ground control and purg combination see how i get on!

    cant be anyworse on the back than my worn out 6 months use Xking UST 🙁

    good combo for summer (assuming we get one?) is the ground control similar to a crossmark from maxxis? want something semi grippy and fast on the back (not like x king which has worn in 6 months use 🙁 from new )

    and the purg sounds a grippy allrounder for the front right?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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