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  • Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works review
  • Mark
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    The Specialized Turbo Levo was the first e-bike model introduced by Specialized. It’s based around the Stumpjumper ‘acoustic’ model with the trademark …

    By mark

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    Specialized Turbo Levo S-Works review

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    I’ve been riding the Pro version for a few months and love it 🙂

    Managed to rip the charger door off with the cranks (my fault) but had a replacement sent to me next working day under warranty – they’ve beefed up the design and put a proper hinge on it.

    First mullet bike and to be honest I don’t notice it just riding along, until things get steep and I can actually get right over the back of the bike, plus it seems to really dig in on steeper corners.

    Took a few rides, but now that I’m used to the weight of it, I can throw it about quite easily – can’t bunny hop as high tho:) Fox 38 feels perfect on this bike.

    Excellent build quality and such a good looking bike in the Pro orange colour.

    Specialized as a brand might not be for everyone, but you can’t deny they churn out some of the best performing, sorted bikes out there.

    Yes, I have a LOT of love for my Levo Pro.

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    Yes, there certainly is no getting around the price is there.

    For that money, 22kg is disappointing. I think when you get up to that sort of weight, then spending less then half that on another fantastic bike that maybe weighs 2kg more…
    The battery capacity is big yeah, but still.
    Doesn’t make sense.

    But then push bikes don’t I suppose.
    They’ll sell loads 😊

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    Managed to rip the charger door off with the cranks

    I did exactly the same thing on this test model. Gaffer tape utilised.

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    The review is a bit confusing, its obviously a review from a year or two ago because it was printed in the mag issue 139 (but th reader is left to figure out when issue 139 was published, could have been yesterday, could have been 1 year ago) , but the review itself was only just published on the website today, and there is no reference in the review text to identify the model year of the bike being reviewed.

    it also states there are no alloy models, which there werent when the bike was first released but there are now, and there are big discounts available too. Seems a bit odd to publish a review now of a bike that is 1-2 years old without clearly highlighting the fact in the intro.

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    Agree with some of the above comments about the need for an addendum stating that alloy frames are available with a 500Wh battery fitted.
    Recent price reductions too.

    Bit annoying that Specialized only seem to send the S-Works versions out for review…

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    Do the high prices maybe reflect on the reported propensity of Specialized’s emtbs to serially consume motors, which are replaced under warranty. I was browsing one of the emtb forums and there were people on there talking about going through five or six motors under warranty in a period of months.

    I know that’s anecdotal, but as an accidental keeper of a 2017 Levo, I was somewhat bemused that the motor needed a rebuild after 1660km – big shout out to the excellent Ebike Motor Centre who upgraded my Brose with improved bearings, belt and seals (they actually fit some…) and turned the work around in three days. Motor now running as sweet as a nut and very quiet. If anyone’s interested:


    I’d need a lot of convincing that the current motors are genuinely up to sustained UK off road use – note in my case there was no jet-washing, hosing, riding in the wet, fording rivers / giant puddles etc, just a couple of wet rides – particularly at those sort of prices. I get the feeling that emtb motors are still on a steep learning curve as regards sealing and serviceability. Hopefully that’ll change.

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    Duplicate posted

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    That confused me too. I heard Mark refer to a top secret emtb launch in a podcast episode a while ago, so had initially thought that may have been the review. I’m sort of happy it’s not, as my pockets can’t hold S-Works quantities of loose change.

    Any news on that other one @Mark?

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    Badly Wired Dog nailed the current situation and my experience ( well documented 🙄) but with a Kona , Bosch 2nd gen motor was never up to the job , after 4 motors in 3 years they suggested I avoided riding where water couldn’t
    splash up ” As the motor doesn’t like it 🙄)
    Chipps told me about 18 months ago that STW was working on a long term reliability survey for members to contribute to , I guess he’s been busy moving house? 🤔

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