Specialized Turbo Kenevo motors

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  • Specialized Turbo Kenevo motors
  • I’ve noticed the basic kenevo model has a 1.2e motor on it.
    The more expensive models have a 1.3 motor on them.
    Does anyone have any experience with these and what is the difference between the motors?

    Thanks for the link.
    Having a read through, seems some think the motor is underpowered compared to older models.


    Interesting and wasn’t aware that spesh had done this (like vitus’s use of the e7000) , I’d assumed they used the same motor throughout. As for ppl feeling they’re under powered, is that in the real world, or just ppl looking at power figures. I know I’m not alone when I (& my friends) use my e-bike in eco for the majority of my riding*, I’ve turned down my turbo mode to low in the settings & rarely use it. So really what does peak power mean?
    Interesting article here: https://ebike-mtb.com/en/the-best-emtb-motor/
    Peak power does not make the better bike/motor, though they did prefer the spesh 1.3 ;D

    *i do understand there are also ppl who ride only in turbo

    Interesting article z1ppy.
    Seems it’s a lot more complicated than just motor power.

    If I got an ebike it would be used to supplement my riding I already do on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

    My thought is to use it at weekends to explore and find more trails along with getting more runs in on my favourite descents around Rivington.

    Also a couple of friends have ebikes and they are getting around 23 miles run time with the 1.3 motor which to me doesn’t seem enough.


    What amount of climbing are they doing in that mileage & what modes do they use?

    I’m getting the same average (large lad with lots of kit on a shimano unit), if I ride with fellow e-bikers (or by myself), but then we’re also doing loads more climbing, as no one minds them any more. My riding m8’s have Bosch units that give them a small increase in range but then my eco mode is a higher output than there’s apparently (not ridden with a or tried a spesh bike). If I ride with my very fit friend on his manual bike (I’ve spent 12 years watching him disappear into the distance) my range increases, so it’s not all cut and dried & I’m of the opinion that breaks to cool the motor probably would increase the range too & if I simply lost weight my range would increase.
    I am disappointed by the range but at the same time a 2hr ride, is just that 2hrs of ‘quality’ riding, not 1hr 15min riding & 45minutes or try to keeping my lunch down or climb where I’m just grinding away to get to the top.
    I got my e-bike discounted then a warranty swap & it was a bargain, but if I had a bottom less wallet, an e-bike with a 700wH battery would be my choice (stares longingly at the YT Decoy), but I know these damned things are expensive. What is worth bearing in mind is just forget about bling when buying, as 1lb weight saving in a 48lb bike is almost pointless, getting good (long or mid travel, as again short travel is pointless) suspension is the priority.
    All said & done my e-bike has re-invigorating my mtb-ing experience & I do not regret going down this path

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