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  • Specialized SWAT top cap "chain tool" ?
  • Premier Icon mattjg

    In my quest to dump the Camelbak/bum bag, I like the idea of this.

    Does anyone know if the chain tool is OK to join a chain? Or is it just a chain breaker, on the grounds the join is done with a magic link? (valid in theory, not always in practice …)


    here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlcaPE13Mms – the guy seems quite careful to say “chain breaker” not “chain tool”


    The problem with mini chain tools is getting enough leverage, I’ve had to wedge a multi-tool into a crack in a fence post before now. Just carry something that works or role the dice don’t bother
    No point in carrying something useless so I’m out

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Never had a problem with my Topeak Alien, it’s bloody good actually, but a bit heavy.

    Maybe the SWAT thing isn’t useless … have you tested it?


    No idea about the SWAT but I can recommend the lezyne multitools with the chain tool on.

    Bagless for me is one of them, a tube, magic link, spare brake pads, emergency rear light, emergency gel and a few quid in a screw top bottle cage cannister thingy (link escapes me).

    Another bottle for water, pump in a bracket. Then pockets are for food and spare layer etc. if needed.

    If I didn’t have the cannister thingy that stuff would just go in a pocket.


    While this doesn’t answer you specific question, I can split and rejoin shimano chains without the correct pin using my park tools multi tool, certainly to a get me home level on more than one occasion.
    No reason that the specialised one wouldn’t work.


    I think that if I can manage a long road ride and still take a tool with a chain splitter on it in my jersey pocket, I can probably do the same on MTB. On short rides, I tend to just take a bottle and the minimum of tools in my pockets anyway. Having to have a tool to take the top-cap off would mean I’d just have the tool in a pocket anyway. If you’re that concerned get a Topeak Mini tool for a back pocket.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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