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  • Specialized Purgatory VS Continental Rubber Queen
  • anyone? would love to know what sort of weight saving id gain over my heft 2.2ust’s, cant seem to find the weights of the purgs anywhere?

    any one owned/own both? im looking to get something a bit lighter to replace the rubber queen ust’s i own, how do the spesh purg roll compared to rubber queens(which i find quite draggy especially in summer on the road)

    and how much weight will i save running tubeless purgatorys compared to my 2.2ust RQ??

    any views appreciated!

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Various sources have the Purgs 2bliss 2.2 at 670g


    I prefer the Purgatory on the front over an RQ but if anything it’s slightly draggier although there’s not a whole lot in it (neither with the Hans Dampf which would be my preference, although that’s draggier still)

    cheers martin, think the RQ BC UST’s weigh about 850 per tyre so a fair chunk of weight saving there, i guess that will improve the rolling resistance somewhat weight alone….

    do the rq’s perform similar to the purgs then? or is it the butcher control thats more like a rubber queen?

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Fitted some 29er Purgatory’s tubeless last night but yet to ride them, can update you later tonight. Chap in our LBS that i ride with can’t rate them enough.

    Went onto the rims with ease (stans flows).

    So to sum up, i’ve no helpful info, sorry 😳

    Premier Icon jameso

    Both very similar feeling for grip, buzziness etc ime, Purgatorys are lighter but a thinner casing, and much cheaper. RQ is the bigger volume tyre. Overall, I prefer the Purgatory 2-bliss these days, they’re great general use tyres but mainly cos the BC RQ is daft money, not worth paying almost 2x the price.

    ok cheers sandwich look forward to an update on them! the lbs shop raves about them too near me

    cheers jameso, so by reckoning the RQ’s are very similar and not really going to get a great difference of tyre that what i have? hmmmm, i do kinda love the volume of the RQ’s, there just bloody slow on road climbs 🙁

    was hoping the weight saved from the purgs would make them a fair bit fast on road sections through summer

    Hob Nob

    The weight is right, I remember it being on the plastic holder the tyre comes wrapped around.

    I would have thought it would roll better than the RQ, due to the centre knob profile, plus save you a fair chunk of weight.

    I run a Butcher Control/Purg Control & can say combined they roll noticably better, are lighter & are far more grippy than the horrible Hans Dampf’s I have tried.

    I’m not sure why the HD gets such amazing reviews, everyone I have ridden with who has tried them (off the back of said reviews) has taken them off pretty quickly again. Me included.

    Premier Icon jameso

    Either tyre will be rubbish on road, but a good road tyre is rubbish off-road huh. Lower weight may feel a bit better on tarmac but they won’t really roll any better because of that. I do up to 15 miles of tarmac on the Purgs or 2.4 Ardents at times, they’re slow but at higher psi it’s more bearable.


    Another in the “fitted purgs but not ridden them yet” camp here.

    They work very well with Arch EX rims, inflate with just a trackpump. Mine lost air overnight without sealant but since adding the gloop they’ve remained inflated.


    I’m running a Purgatory 2.3 29er up front (control casing) with a Ground Control 2.1 29er (control casing again) out back on my Camber and on my Carve (swap wheels between the two) and all good so far! Cheap, tubeless easy (just a track pump on my Arch EX’s) and good performance. – what’s not to like?!

    Been running Spesh tyres for past 3 years now – can’t rate them enough!

    Might go slightly quicker rear tyre (fast trak) if we get a summer that warrants it – if not the Storms are going back on!


    I used to be an obsessive tyre swapper. I then ran eskars as they were reasonably priced and durable (folding 2bliss 2.2) then after that i’ve gone with the Purg. same size and very very impressed.
    For info i’m riding a 456 with longish forks on trail centre stuff and moors xc type rides.

    Tad slower to get moving when your legs are tired than light easily damaged xc rubber i’ve used in past, but, i’d rather not have to stop to change tubes.

    Fit, forget and enjoy the trails.


    Same as hobnob I run a butcher front purgatory rear and find it a great combo – mine are on arch ex’s and as above went tubeless really easily.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Switched from a BC RQ/X King combo to a Purgatory/The Captain setup. Both running tubeless. The Spesh pairing is lighter. Personally feel they roll similarly quickly and both setups went up with a track pump. The RQ just edges out the Purgatory on all out grip, but I prefer the Captain on the rear to the X King.

    On balance, I think the Spesh setup suits me better (AM type riding on a BFe with 150mm forks).

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Purgs are excellent tyres, pretty predictable on most surfaces, and decent enough on roots. Spesh tyres are well priced too, for a tubeless ready tyre. I’m running a minion dhf/purgatory combo on the soul at the moment, and it seems a good un.


    Been running a 29’er Purg on the front of my FF29 since October and they’re faultless for general riding, bit slow for XC racing but they’ve kept me upright all winter. Either got a Storm or a Ground Control on the back.

    My mate has a Purg on the front of his Lapierre X Control and a Captain on the back, he’s massively impressed.

    I’ve just taken the Racing Ralphs off my Anthem 29’er and fitted Groybd Controls fore & aft 2.3/2.1 as they’re almost as fast, grippier and a whole lot tougher. Only weigh a little bit more too.

    All 2bliss tyres are a synch to get up on Stans rims, Roval ones too, and Mavics come to think of it

    … so a fair chunk of weight saving there, i guess that will improve the rolling resistance somewhat weight alone….

    Common misconception – doesn’t make any difference to rolling resistance! Hysteresis loss is what matters.


    Both good al-round tyres IMHO. Not sure better or worse, which would suggest go with the lightest!


    love my purg control ! I now run a butcher on the front as I’ve started riding a little more knar! still got the purg out back though. good combo!

    grip plenty, roll ok, tough enough, cheap enough and light enough. good combo!

    Premier Icon dawson

    slight hijack – I’m interested in 26″ Purgatorys, but have seen varying reports on sizing – are they really 2.3″?

    The new 2.3″ Purgatory is slightly smaller than the old 2.2″ Purgatory, which itself measured an actual 2.2″

    cheers – food for thought guys

    i’d actually been running a x-king in the summer months last year on the back, but to my astonishment last night i noticed the tread is almost worn on the centre knobs

    i bought it brand new last may and used it till october time, ive only just put it back on for summer duties, and its more or less worn 🙁

    thats a 2.4 ust one, pretty gutted!

    as somebody above i was running, rq 2.2 ust front & rear, then when summer hit i bought a x king 2.4 ust for the back….wont be sticking with this for summer, the minimal tread made for terribly hard work last night in the rain, no grip whatsoever climbing 🙁

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