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  • Specialized Pitch £400
  • Frame and front mech only, shock tuned/serviced 2 rides ago by LOCO, and includes both normal and HV cans, and all three volume adjustment spacers, a tinkerers wet dream.

    Almost unmarked, even the helitape protecting it is almost unmarked.

    3 broken arms in 2 years means its been ridden the square root of **** all.



    Great bike for that money. Be good to know what size it was though. 🙂

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I’ll guess medium from the size of the seat tube brace


    Where are you pls I might have this if not far from Manchester!

    I’m down in Reading but could get it as close as Derby over Christmas, or delivery is a possibility if not far off the M6 on the way further north, or there’s always parcelforce.

    Great bike for that money.

    Frame and bits only (the rest I’ll sell serperately once its in bits and the expensive stuffs gone first).

    And Yep its medium, good for anyone upto 6ft, its quite a long medium when stood up, just depends how upright you like to be when seated, I’d not want to be any taller while climbing, but its perfect stood upon the way down.


    What is included with the frame? Would you take £350 cash if I collect from derby over xmas?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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