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  • anybody running one of these? thinking of trying it to an alternative to the gobi xm…..ive been getting a little bit of numb nuts on occasions recently….heard the phenom with bg technology aleviates this to some extent?

    im pretty skinny so wondering what its like shape wise? is a decent saddle for the skinnier person?

    any personal views on it appreciated!


    I’m 67kg, and have a 130mm phenom on my newly built soul, and rate it. I used to run the toupes on the road bikes, I only swapped them when I realised san marco made the aspide especially for me. Never tried a gobi.

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    I love the Spesh Phenom and Romin saddles (143mm for my arse). Wouldn’t be without them now. Changed from Charge Spoon’s and wow what a difference.

    As for the Gobi XM, found that the most horrid saddle in the world I’ve ever sat on. The Phenom is like your favourite armchair by comparison!


    using one of these on my Niner, but then i run specialized BG saddles across all of my bikes.

    Personally, once it broke in a little i found it really comfy. Was a touch firm to start with. I am using the 143 width version as i did the sit on the matt test and this is the right size for me.

    Shape fairly flat – not much hammock shaping. Dont seem to catch baggies on it, shaping seems good in that respect. Despite width, the ‘wing’ shape drops off fairly quickly so doesnt feel so wide.

    You can get them on test from some specialized shops so it might be worth a look into.


    + 1 mboy.
    i run them and really get on with them.. wouldnt have any other

    wow, good number of responses already, cheers for the help! sounds pretty spot on, hopefully my lbs should have a saddle size checker as they are a spesh dealer! sounds promising though, i think ill give one a shot!


    Great saddles just make sure you get the right size for you and get the angle right when mounting the seat.Gobi complete bollocks imo

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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