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    I need to replace my bearing on my FSR. The shop charged me £130 last time so I decided to buy the kit and try and fit them myself. any tips on fitting them? I don’t have specific tools, I have been told that the horst link needs a special tool?



    you can knock them out using a rawl bolt but a bearing puller makes life a lot easier..


    Be glad you are replacing them now. I left mine when they were knackered on my camber and its ended up costing me £250 for a new rear chainstay. Running it with worn bearings has worn away the threads the pivot bolt sits in and its not covered on warranty so I have to splash out…

    Just need the involved shop and Specialized customer service to pull their finger out, its been a week and they still haven’t ordered me the replacement stay yet despite several phone calls!!


    They can be a bit of a PITA to get out. You need a blind bearing puller for the horst link bearings, I managed to find one cheap one on ebay so worth a look – I can imagine it being a nightmare without one.

    My bearings were completely shot though and the bearing just fell to bits trying to get them out leaving the case still in the frame. If yours aint too bad you should be ok.

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    Former regular Kaesae’s video is worth a look: [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W67drTg2Xsk[/video]

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    Superstars tool are good for bearings that aren’t blind. Much better than bolts and sockets.

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