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  • Specialized Enduro in L or XL?
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    If you got one, i’d love to see pics. Even if you’re a dwarf, don’t be ashamed, i’ll look at your pics too.

    Good bike by all accounts. Anything to watch for?



    Try and find a 2012 one. There are not many in the range for 2013
    I have an evo one and it always makes me smile evey time I use it


    You looking at getting a new one? I had a 2011 and it’s a fantastic bike, rear shox needed to go to TF as it can blow through the travel a little quickly.
    Descends like a downhill bike, climbs remarkably well. Amazing bike.
    I’m 6.2″ and I had a large, was pretty spot on for me and didn’t feel massive, lots of my smaller friends felt comfortable on it too.
    The pro pedal switch was my friend though, used it A LOT (could have done with a remote..)



    2010 in large. Love it.


    I have a 2009 SL which is essentially the same as the Stumpy Evo in the current range. I think it’s a great ‘one-bike’…bike. Climbs and descends well. Mine is XL and it’s a big bike but I’m 6’4″ and around 100kg without kit. I think the newer Enduros are slightly burlier and wouldn’t suit me as well. Depends what/how you ride though.

    For my riding, if I was to buy a replacement I would go with a stumpy EVO.

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    Two here medium size




    Cheers gents/lady.

    You looking at getting a new one?

    2010 onwards

    I’m thinking the XL is ideal for the way up, but concerned it might be a bit big on the way down. It’ll be replacing my DH bike (L) but used for riding up and down.

    The seat post tube kink looks like it will stop a post from going down too far and I like my seat low when getting jiggy. Is this a problem for anyone? Also is there a recommended minimum insertion (i.e. is does it have to down past the lower lower toptube join? Just trying to work out if i’d be better with a large and being a bit cramped when climbing to get a [buzzword alert] ‘chuckable’ bike on the way down.

    edit: sadly, no chance of a test ride. I’m 6’4″ if that helps

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    2010 Large – few changes since this pic but can’t seem to find a newer image..
    [/url] IMG_0442 by eddyfire, on Flickr[/img]


    Ive had two – great bikes

    Im a shade under 6ft ive had a medium and large and found the large a better fit for me with a 50mm stem.

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    2010 in L. It’s smaller than my 20″ 456, shorter in reach and leg. Instantly chuckable though.


    2010 in L. It’s smaller than my 20″ 456, shorter in reach and leg.

    Good to know as i’ve a 20″ 456 and the fit is pretty good. I think the XL comes in around 21″ but the shape of the TT means a bit more stand over. Still concerned about seatpost drop though.

    Cheers for the pics. The more I look at the bike, the less ugly it gets. 😀


    I’m 6ft5 and have a 2010 large in the classifieds for sale. Awesome bike and good fit even for my gangly frame. Selling to fund a 29er otherwise I’d keep it as an alps bike.


    Dexter, check your ad.

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