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  • My 2008 worked ‘faultlessly’ for 4 years…..

    However, they weren’t used extensively in that time, eventually developed an oil leak in the neg spring leg, resulting in topping out. Whilst they were working, they were wonderfully stiff and coped really well with big hits – small bump compliance was awful though and rattled me to death on descents.

    Just fitted some X-Fusion Vengeance HLR to my ’08 S-Works and it feels like the bike it should always have been.

    Yep, not good on small bumps, but big hit and steering stiffness is only , matched by heavier and more expensive dh forks.

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    07 forks were the ones to avoid, although spesh did recall them and fix the problem iirc.i had 08 ones and they never have me a single issue. Servicing is (or was) through TF tuned. I only got rid of mine to get some 160 lyriks which gave made it like a mini DH bike.

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    I ran them for 5 years. Had one oil leak within first month of purchase. Other than that totally trouble free. Mine worked really well – I always thought the small bump response was excellent unlike experiences above. Super stiff, light and very controlled. I would have liked them to be a touch more progressive – but could have got them tuned that way.

    TFT can’t get the service kits any more, so they have to go to Spesh.

    Seems a bit odd from Spesh, as they gave a 5yr warranty on these forks (still being produced in 2009)!

    Friend looking for a second hand bike, has come across an Enduro that suits, but it has the E150 triple clamp fork, alarm bells going off. I know these gave endless trouble, but were they OK once they’d had the warranty work done? Any way to tell if they’re good or bad?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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