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  • Specialized BG Defroster boot – stinking!
  • TheYeti

    Can anyone help?

    I bought these from Edinburgh Bicycle Coop in Edin in November, have used them three times, dried them well after each ride, now they smell of cat piss and I have to keep them outside. Nice. £100 mind!

    I’ve tried washing them, washing-machine-ing them with disinfectant (x2), de-odorants and talcum powder. An improvement but they still smell.

    EBC aren’t interested. They don’t think they are that bad, apparently some odour is to be expected(!) and I am the only one that has complained.

    Any advice?

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    I can offer you sympathy. My Spesh BG Defrosters don’t stink. But my Shimano M82’s (I think) that really honked after about 4 rides, the last which was the Mountain Mayhem and therefore quite wet.

    If it helps I am using trainer tamers or something similar to keep the smell of my M82’s at bay and they are now allowed in the kitchen. I wouldn’t want to leave them in the car overnight though.

    I did some something on Watchdog some time ago about Nike (I think) having to recall some specific models of shoe or boot for the same reason. I believe something to do with either glue or lining.


    have you tried one of thoise microwave things? some walking shops have them.

    nuke the buggers

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    You could put them in a plastic bag and then put the bag and shoes in the freezer over night.

    The cold (-22C) will kill the bacteria that are causing the smell.

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    now they smell of cat piss and I have to keep them outside

    Are you sure that they are not being pissed on by a cat?


    Fair question! but no, they went manky in the house. by “outside” I mean in the car actually, so no, not actually pissed on :O)

    How do the Defrosters compare to lake mxz302 in terms of warmth?



    what albanach said – been there with my sons football boots with the catpiss smell,its vile.Left bicarb in them for a few days,kept topping it up,just enough to cover the insole.Sorted. 😀

    Did anyone see watchdog a while back? Had an article on the stinky football boots. It was caused by a layer of cotton sandwiched between man made stuff. It was getting wet but was sealed well enough to lock the moisture in and it wasn’t being able to dry out – major design fault



    Freezing them for a week had no affect whatsoever.

    Soaking in bicarb for three days helped quite a bit, say 50% reduction in pong. They are now not stinking out the flat.

    Good work.

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