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    but dont expect a lot, just bought a thick bio chemistry one from amazon marketplace for a penny.

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    got a university near you ? – freshers week book sales might work

    or contact OU and ask if they have a marketplace of some sort

    but, yeah, doubt you’ll get much

    I sold several of my chemistry text books for a few quid on amazon. The big general uni texts dont seem to shift as well but little the specific books I bought for various modules all sold for good prices.


    Sold some fire investigation textbooks on eBay with a fair amount of interest, may be worthwhile if they’re that specialist?


    Thanks all – I don’t have my hands on the books as yet, just going on what I remember to be there to be honest. Freshers week sounds like an interesting leftfield idea actually, will ponder, thanks again.

    ps – eyes are wide open on the “you probably won’t get much for them” front, but IIRC these are the real eye-wateringly expensive type of textbook you can’t quite believe anyone without a PhD would ever own so you never know…

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    The title to the thread held so much promise…

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    LOL – yeah, I was thinking that too.

    Ebay duude, just set a reserve and list on a free listing day?

    I’ve bought a few txtbooks from the ‘bay, usually paid £10-20 I think, and that wasn’t anything that unusual.

    b r

    I ended up shipping off all our ‘spare’ books (after inheriting a house, full) to a local charity (folk with ‘learning difficulties’) – they spend their time cataloguing them all and search for anything with value which they then sell.

    I made no money (not that I think there was any there) but at least someone got some benefit.


    As part of an “estate” I’ve been asked to think about how to sell on a number of pristine, pretty specialist (AI, programming, music theory, that sort of thing) textbooks, some of which were related to OU study in these areas.

    My thinking is that selling on as a job lot (or sub-lots) would be the simplest way, using couriers, as individual items I’d wonder if the postage would be prohibitive. Anyone got any bright ideas where the heck to start with this sort of thing? eBay seems to be a bit of a blunt instrument to list something that will likely be of pretty niche appeal…

    TIA if anyone has any suggestions on this, cheers.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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