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  • Fancy some blingy ones. Going to sell my Hopes. So, what options have I ? So far, I have been offered some WI hubs on 717 rims with a WI freewheel, built for me, but before I pull the trigger on these, anything else on the option lists. Want them to last me out. Must be low maintenance.


    I’d be thinking about a rim that was easier to set up tubeless such as Stan’s. Not saying you can’t run the Mavic rims that way but I have always found it somewhat harder.

    I spent an evening trying to get some Maxxis tyres on some Stans rims at a mates. I told him the only way to get them off again would be a Stanley knife. I also had a wheel built by Goldtec and I physically gave up getting the tyre on. I unlaced it, sent it back and rebuilt my old 717 rim onto the hub. It was the Hope hub that had failed. The rim lasted longer than the hub. That’s why I am speccing the 717 rims over Stans. I also don’t like their very small rim edges for the beads. Cheers for alternative ideas,

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    If you’re selling a rear SS hope hub I’m interested.

    Breadcrumb. I’ll be selling a pair of wheels as soon as they appear. SS Hope rear and Pro 2 front in black on 717’s 😀

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    Maybe some Phil Wood hubs and Enve rims. Could be nice all depends on how much you want to spend.

    Phil hubs are lovely, but granite is lighter. Enve rims are a bit OTT. I have a budget of £600 ish……..


    Those white ind free wheels are very good

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