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  • cynic-al

    500W is a LOT! it’s probably a lot less in reality.

    If it’s a domestic amp (not car) then you want to get the impedance around 8 ohms (car units are 4 ohms). If you want to use more than 1 speaker pre side (I’d recommend it for decent sound and volume) then you can wire them up to get the desired impedance.

    Eg 2 x 4 ohm drivers in series = 8 ohms (which is what I’d suggest). Get as big as you can and try to get ones with a decent half-roll surround which will allow them to move enough to produce some bass. You may want some tweeters for high end too but then you need a crossover also – more complexity/cost.

    Email me if you want more advice, I’ve done loads of stuff like this, tho I don’t know much about current drivers.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I have a 500W mini Amp that I want to fit in the landrover.

    I haven’t really anywhere to install speakers but I could put 2 or 4 small speakers in a long low box on the top of the dash.

    The Amp has the following specs:
    Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz
    Output power: RMS 50W 1KHz
    Harmonic distortion:? 0.05% 5W 1KHz
    High control: 12dB±10KHz
    Bass control: 12dB±100Hz
    Signal level: 220MV 47K

    I have no idea what most of that means, so can anyone link to any 2-3″ speakers I might be able to use to set in an enclosure and wire in stereo? Do speakers have a “voltage”?

    Cheap Chinese ebay preferably.

    EDIT: oh and ideally able to mount in a 44mm or 57mm hole as they are the holesaws I have available.

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    cheers al.
    I think my amp is technically a “car” unit, but its not a traditional head unit.

    Ive got a couple of small speakers somewhere which I might have a go with and see if I notice a difference if they are wired in series or not.

    From my halfords days…. the vast majority of car speakers are 4″ unless you go down the custom fit and therefore more expensive route. 50w RMS (think average as opposed to peak) is nothing amazing – most after market headunits will produce this (or more). Factory fitted head units can be as feable as 4w per channel.

    You are never going to get great acoustics in a landy. I would suggest volume over quality. I have seen plenty of old 90’s and 110’s with 6″ speakers fitted in the door cards and then a pair of 4″ in the corner behind the seats. I would suggest getting some 4″ reasonable quality speakers and mounting them on a thick triangle of MDF behind the seats as a starting point.

    If you are custom building a box I suggest using 18mm MDF – it’s dense so you tend to get a better sound.

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    all good pointers, thanks wlb.

    They cant go in a doorcards as there’s naff all space in there now as it is.

    Tricky putting behind seats as the mini-stoner’s go back there.

    Hence a plan for putting a couple of small speakers in front of me on top of the dash. As you say, its volume not quality I need, and it’s not for the benefit of anyone else in there 🙂

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