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  • SPDs…floaty/easy in and out of…recommendations
  • Premier Icon vondally

    for a newish rider with dodgy knee and easy to get out of………yes reduce the tension but still needs to be easy.

    Any thoughts or recommendations please

    also shoes for mtb biking and defo not disco slippers.

    ps I told them to stay with flats!


    Shimano do some multi-release cleats that work with any of their MTB SPDs. Never used them but might be worth a go?


    Multi release cleats are crap; they release just when you don’t want them to. Get standard SPD cleats, wind the tension right down and learn how to use them.

    Premier Icon benji

    Crank Brothers candy or egg beaters, yes the bearings need some attention from time to time, but they do have float in the cleats, so kind on your knees.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Time. End of.

    Crank Bros Mallets here – dodgy knees and no problems

    Premier Icon vondally

    the end of time…………..indeed

    any models/specific pedal any good?

    Will the cleats make a difference to the release?

    the tension right down yes but actual twist movement is an issue due the riders knee damage.

    Mary Hinge

    Time. I have ATACS that are still going after 5 years. And they shed mud really well

    As for shoes, comfortable ones. Specialized suit my feet, Shimano don’t. I have some MTB Comp shoes for …..errrrr…..mtb, they were less than £60.


    Had Times, settled on Speedplay Frogs, no release tension, and proper rotational float rather than side to side slop.Grease ports too.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I have dodgy knees which have seen 3 sets of surgery. Time for me all the time 🙂 Roc’s on mtb and cx and Xpresso on the road bike. I have Look Keo on track bike which are ok only as its short rides.


    I don’t think you can beat standard Shimano M520 Clipless. Only £16.99 on CRC at the moment.
    Nice and easy to clip / unclip and like someone mentioned also adjustable.
    Take a few rides to loosen up but once you’ve fell off a couple times you won’t forget.

    Time. Nothing else.

    Super tough, bombproof almost. Great float. Excellent in mud and available in everything from cheap to bling.

    Won’t let any other clipless pedal near my bikes.

    Egg Beaters. Be it mated to a Mallet or Candy.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    CB on all my bikes, current ones are ridiculously easy to service and more reliable than previous. For the thins you want the only certainty is not shimano.

    By disco slippers do you mean carbon race shoes or something like this

    The Spec BG have been some of the most comfy ones I have worn.
    Work great with smaller pedals I have some 5-10 minaars for use with the bigger platform pedals.


    Shimano XT here, I’m a recent convert from Crank Bros. I have the same BG Comp shoes as above and found that the combination with my nylon bodied Crank Bros Candys was lethal – my shoe would slide off the pedal in damp weather if the cleat didn’t engage.

    It’s good to go for something with a platform, if you’re new to clipless then you’ll want the security of a wide-ish pedal when you’re unclipped. The XT Trail pedal is really good, as is Shimano’s DX.

    Premier Icon vondally

    cheers so far

    Premier Icon northernerindevon

    Time on all bikes here – pretty much exactly what CFH says above… I seem to switch between flats and Times depending on mood, riding, which shoes I find first, destination & what I had for tea yesterday!!

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I’ve used Crank Bros Candys for donkey’s years and been pretty pleased with them to be honest. I treated myself to some carbon/ti Time ATACs on the Tripster a few months back and like them a lot, but when I switch back to the mountain bike, the CBs are a little smoother on the float and easier to disengage. I’m looking forward to the legendary minimal servicing on the Times though and will probably get another pair for the MTB. If you look after the CBs, in my experience, they work well.


    The new Shimano Click’r pedals are supposed to much easier to clip in/out than standard SPD pedals. They use standard SPD cleats, just much less tension in the pedals.
    There is a version designed for mountain biking (PD-MT50). http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/shimano-mt50-click-r-pedals/rp-prod108787


    I don’t think the multi-release cleats offer any more float. They just allow you unclip by pulling UP as well as twisting. Hateful things.


    Standard cheap shimano pedals are excellent with a reasonable amount of float, easy in and out and they last forever.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    tried any of the others Glasgow Dan?
    The float in the shimano’s is fairly poor compared to CB


    Speedplay frogs: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Speedplay+frog+&hl=en

    I got these after having a dodgy knee and they seem to have helped somewhat. They have the most float of any MTB (20 degrees if I recall) and don’t use spring tension to keep your feet in, so release is really easy and you get a sort of ‘floaty/icey under foot feeling’ at first. Easy to service and nice and light too.

    Downsides are price, fiddly cleat set up and lack of sealing (use waterproof grease or the bearings die quick).

    I’ve managed a year on them – about 6000 miles, 3 bearing changes, and due a replacement set of cleats (which are dear….).

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