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    So I replied to an ad on freecycle for some electrical bits and pieces (thinking I could get a couple of switches and a new socket or two to replace the knackered ones in the garage).

    I actually got –
    14 Wagabox
    6 downlighters and bulb holders / connectors
    11 drywall single socket boxes
    4 drywall double socket boxes
    6 fused single switches
    1 3 pole fan switch
    1 triple light switch
    1 quadruple light switch
    3 double sockets
    1 single sockets

    a few screw bits and assorted connectors / screws and a random pencil.

    Now the question is,, how much of this will actually be of any use to me? I’d need an electrician to do anything with most of it but I’d like to hang onto the downlighters as they might be of use when we redo the dining room, assume I need to hang onto some of the wagaboxs for that?

    I will also hang onto the double drywall boxes because we’re planning on having the bedroom sockets increased in number when we redecorate those rooms.

    But what do I do with the rest of it? Don’t want to toss it, and don’t know a tame sparkie to give it to. Is this lot worth hanging onto or should I expect the sparkie that does the work in the end to provide all the bits?

    Never been in a quandry as a result of someone else’s generosity before.

    PS there may well be a bonus prize for identifying the large rubber funnel kind of thing that was included as well. I’m screwed if I know what it is.

    [/url] Freecycle randomness by BigG1968, on Flickr[/img]

    Funnel is a dust catcher for a hole saw. Used when cutting out for those downlighters you’ve got 🙂

    They’re not worth much in terms of money, maybe 25 quid, but any electrician will be appreciative of them.

    Wago’s are super handy though if you know how to get the best from them, are there any connectors? Can’t tell from the pic


    There are some connectors (I think) in the box of assorted screws and bits. I’m not looking to sell these, but I do want to hang on to bits that may be useful in future. I doubt I’ll need 14 wago’s to have six down lighters fitted?

    Well done on the comedy funnel, I can now keep it as a talking point and impress my friends with my technical knowledge,,,

    Oh,, and while,I’m thinking. What on earth would someone need a whole box of fused switches for in a domestic house?

    Lots of radial spurs 🙂


    Put the stuff you don’t want back on Freecycle? Or is that too obvious?


    I will do that, but kind of wondered what I ought to hang onto in order to be able to make use of the down lighters as well as the sockets and switches that I actually wanted.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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