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  • Sparks, Whats my best option for garage sockets?
  • highpeakrider
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    My bungalow has an attached garage where an old wylex 6 circuit board is installed with circuit breakers replacing the fuses, it has no RCD, just big red on off switch wired directly to the smart meter.

    I’m in the process of building a workbench which is on the opposite side of the garage to the two sockets off the ring main.

    Rather than have an extension lead running across the floor i’m going to get someone to put two double sockets above the bench.

    Bit unsure what would be the best and safest option long term.

    1/ Just get a spark to add the two sockets which will be about a meter from the panel.
    Should he use RCD sockets or should i request them as i’m using power tools and maybe an extension lead going outside?

    2/ Get him to replace the existing board to ensure the house has the latest spec and safety features and add the sockets.

    I’m guessing in the short term i’d be better getting a plug in RCD and using that till the work is done?

    Any views on the best option and estimated costs?

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    You might find that if the spark does some work on the ring main coming from that box that he might have to replace it anyway to ensure it’s up to code.

    If it was me I’d have a new modern box in (they aren’t expensive) and metal clad sockets around the room on a proper ring circuit. You can surface mount the cables as far as I know so it’ll be very easy.

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    I’d have a new box. At the very least you need an RCD. I wouldn’t fit RCD sockets, better to have a new box with an RCD or even better an new box with RCBOs. Short term an extension lead with a plug in RCD is fine

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    We recently had the shed powered up. Went for a new box with 6 way box so that there was room to expand. Currently have shed lighting & power but will be adding a new outdoor lighting in the near future.
    Was about £25 for the box + extra for the RCD’s.

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    If it is an attached garage any reason you can’t extended the downstairs ring off the main board which presumably has RCDs / is up to spec?

    Unless you have loads of stuff going using your downstairs circuit (like several heaters and then you use the power tools) it is unlikely to be an issue

    I ask because I am debating the need for a separate board in our attached garage which currently doesn’t have a separate board – lighting is off the downstairs lighting circuit and sockets are off the upstairs mains loop (don’t ask me why!)

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    **** image posting…

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    New, metal consumer unit with RCD and MCB’s all the way for me.

    You want to be as safe as possible with electricity.

    Is the 6 way unit that you describe the unit for the whole house?

    With a new unit you will be able to expand and split the circuits for better isolation and also an MCB for the garage as well.

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    Yes it’s a bungalow

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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